Artist, Jan von Holleben, makes magical scenes of adorable children surrounded by everyday household items. These children lie of the floor circled by household props like pillows, sports equipment, kitchen utensils and cardboard boxes then snaps the photograph from above.

These items alongside children make for some amazing elaborate scenes which range from complex to simple. Usually two children are involved and sometimes 20 or more per each magical scene. Each scene depicts a different topic like, a bustling city complete with unsafe motorists, construction site and coffee bar with customers.

While another features an science lab with children in lab coats experimenting with robots, zooming around with jet packs made from vacuum cleaners. There is also a complicated zoo scene and my favourite a fire-breathing dragon.

These Children Use Household Items to Create Magical Scenes really showcase what you can produce with everyday items and add in some ideas from von Holleben’s touch. Why not try creating these elaborate scene’s at home yourself!?

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