ZenCart E-Commerce Themes are one of the most popular eCommerce platforms around today. An online store management system, ZenCart is an advanced and most powerful system that is based on PHP and using MySQL database and HTML components. Today, most of the online merchants prefer ZenCart to develop their dynamic and feature-rich online store.

So if you are also planning to start a new e-commerce website, then ZenCart is an excellent option for you as there are many tools obtainable of ZenCart that you can use to increase your sales. Now, you can find lots of ZenCart e-commerce themes to use in your website that help you to attract targeted visitors and turn them into potential customers. According to your e-commerce website’s needs and requirements, you can use any ZenCart e-commerce theme and get lots of benefits. So have a look at some of the top and best themes of this time that you can easily download:


1). Nicestore:


If you are looking for simple designed theme for your store, then you should opt for Nicestore theme, which is plan, simple and straight-forward theme for your store. Its highly professional and top features give your website beautiful and flair look. This theme is completely best to introduce your customers with your store as it meets with different store requirements easily.

Nicestore: http://themeforest.net/item/nicestore-clean-zencart-theme/3828391

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/nicestore-clean-zencart-theme/full_screen_preview/3828391


2). Mozen:


Are you looking to customize your e-store as per your requirements? Make sure that you prefer Mozen theme, A Highly Qualitative Responsive ZenCart Template that gives professional and attractive look to your website by which you can easily attract targeted audience on your site. Obtainable in 8 different colors and 20 module positions, this theme allows you to layout your store as you want. So Mozen is an excellent theme for you to use that gives you a range of benefits.

Mozen: http://themeforest.net/item/mozen-responsive-zencart-template/3750041

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/mozen-responsive-zencart-template/full_screen_preview/3750041


3). ThingsforCuties – Responsive Zen Cart Baby Theme


Things for cuties is a wonderful and colorful ZenCart theme, which is an excellent choice for kids/baby/child toys, clothing, bathing products or kids related products website. This theme allows you to give your s-tore a descent and sweet look without any serious efforts.

ThingsforCuties: http://themeforest.net/item/thingsforcuties-responsive-zen-cart-baby-template/3924721

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/thingsforcuties-responsive-zen-cart-baby-template/full_screen_preview/3924721


4). BoldStore – Clean Zen Cart Theme


Being a clean and active ZenCart theme, BoldStore is the best choice for you to use in your store as it can fits in almost any type of business requirements. It comes with the ZX Slideshow that use the NivSlider and one of the best things about this theme is that it is compatible with almost all browsers. It is also easy-to-install and clean design theme that best meets your requirements.

BoldStore: http://themeforest.net/item/boldstore-clean-zen-cart-template/3937712

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/boldstore-clean-zen-cart-template/full_screen_preview/3937712


5). Yorkshire – Clean Free Zen Cart Theme


Yorkshire is magnificent and dexterous ZenCart theme, which you can easily install and use in your website. The super and excellent design of this theme is perfect foe all types of e-commerce stores. You can also find custom header with header search box in this theme that will be much useful for you. So using Yorkshire Zencart theme in your e-store is a great idea as it grabs attention of various people.

Yorkshire: http://www.picaflor-azul.com/index.php?main_page=document_product_info&cPath=27&products_id=15050

Live Preview: http://www.picaflor-azul.com/free-demos/index.php?main_page=index&template_switch_id=yorkshire_clean


6). E-ssentials – Modern Zen Cart Theme


E-ssentials is a modern ZenCart e-commerce platform theme, which can be used for different electronic and fashion products like gadgets, electronic items, computers, laptops, hi-fi systems, bags, accessories, shoes, fashion and many more. It is extremely simple and easy to use for you and it also has very clean design that gives attractive look instead of murky. You are completely safe with your current installation as well as content as it does not restore any core file!!

E-ssentials: http://themeforest.net/item/essentials-modern-zencart-template/3881954

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/essentials-modern-zencart-template/full_screen_preview/3881954


7). White Computer Store Zen Cart Theme

Img_7_White Computer

White Computer Store ZenCart theme is a great theme for all the computer and electronic stores as it gives highly professional look to your website by making it the way you want. It is an extremely easy installation theme that you can use for your store and attracts various customers. It carries a bunch of innovative features that makes it so popular.

White Computer: http://www.templatemonster.com/zencart-templates/24622.html

Live Preview: http://www.templatemonster.com/demo/24622.html


8). Genesis:


Genesis is a popular ZenCart theme that works excellently for any type of store no matter whether you are selling bulk of products or just few items. Its unique and attractive design matches with your products very easily. From the admin panel, you are also able to customize its modules and sidebar. Best part of this theme is that it built on the well-known Twitter Bootstrap framework that allows you hassle-free tweak.

Genesis: http://themeforest.net/item/genesis-elegant-and-responsive-zen-cart-template/3929391

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/genesis-elegant-and-responsive-zen-cart-template/full_screen_preview/3929391


9). Cigar Store Ecommerce Website Theme

Img_9_Cigar Store

If you are looking for the most venerable theme, this theme is perfectly fits in your requirements as it comes with a range of features to offer that makes your website easy to manage. You can give your store unique and beautiful look with this theme and grab the attention of your various people!

Cigar Store: http://templates.entheosweb.com/template_number/15519.asp

Live Preview: http://templates.entheosweb.com/template_number/live_demo.asp?TemplateID=15519


10). Zenn:


A clean, attractive and simple Zen Cart theme, Zenn is something that which you are looking for. Its clean design beautifully showcases your products so that your customers love to be on your site. We can say that Zenn is a perfect theme to use in your store as it carries a range of features like Grid Product Listing, CloudZoom, Easy Installation and many more.

Zenn: http://themeforest.net/item/zenn-minimal-zencart-template/3901096

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/zenn-minimal-zencart-template/full_screen_preview/3901096


11).Book store – Online shop Zen-cart Theme

Img_11_Book store

Book store is an outstanding ZenCar theme that you can download for your website. Preferred by various online book merchants, this theme has got huge response from people and it loaded with a wide range of features that make it apart from other templates!!

Book store: http://templates.entheosweb.com/template_number/14936.asp

Live Preview: http://templates.entheosweb.com/template_number/live_demo.asp?TemplateID=14936


12).Herbally – Clean Zencart Theme


Keeping in mind the simplicity, herbally is a beautiful and eye-catching theme, which mainly focuses on generating trustable environment for your visitors by providing them an excellent shopping experience. The simple design of this theme makes your website stands out of from rest of websites. All the ZenCart standards are kept intact so that users can easily upgrade their website in future and experience exclusive features of ZenCart.

Herbally: http://themeforest.net/item/herbally-clean-zencart-theme/3743304

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/herbally-clean-zencart-theme/full_screen_preview/3743304


13). White Furniture Zen Cart Theme

Img_13_White Furniture

Perfect for online furniture merchants, White Furniture Zen Cart is such theme that gives your store a unique and beautiful look. It will nicely show your all furniture items that gives effortless search to your customers. It has exclusive and simple design that makes everything easy for you!!

White Furniture: http://www.templatemonster.com/zencart-templates/24410.html

Live Preview: http://www.templatemonster.com/demo/24410.html


14). Zenstore – Minimal Zencart Theme


Last but not least, Zenstore is a clean and simple ZenCart theme that is specially designed with minimal configuration. Easy-to-install and loaded with lots of innovative features, Zenstore is a perfect choice for you. Its exclusive features include CloudZoom, Grid product listing, minimal configuration and many more.

Zenstore: http://themeforest.net/item/zenstore-minimal-zencart-template/3756054

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/zenstore-minimal-zencart-template/full_screen_preview/3756054


15). Banda – Modern Shop ZenCart Theme


Banda is an extremely modern, concrete and effective ZenCart theme that is brilliant choice for any type of store no matter what items or products you are selling on your e-store. Equipped with a bunch of exclusive features, Banda meets the requirements of every new and existing e-store. Its unique features include full documentation, minimal time to install, modern style, full support, multiple language support, description on all hover image products etc.

Banda: http://themeforest.net/item/banda-modern-shop-for-zencart/3803775

Live Preview: http://themeforest.net/item/banda-modern-shop-for-zencart/full_screen_preview/3803775


So above mentioned ZenCart e-commerce themes are selected after huge and detail research, and here I have mentioned only those themes that make your e-commerce store stands out from your competitors. You can also share your thoughts on these given themes or other ZenCart themes by commenting below!! Apart from these themes, you can also find 2013’s Best Responsive WordPress Themes.