One of the most popular trends today is USB Designs. The function of a USB Drive is to store data which was usually used with Floppy Disks and CD's. The USB Flash drive was created in 1999 and has since taken over the world with storing data. Most USB Designs are boring and plain, but some USB Designs can have a unique design. Those in the Art and Design industry have taken to the USB, they have started creating unique and creative USB sticks.

In this post we'll be showcase 26+ Awesome Examples of USB Designs for Inspiration. These USB designs are all quirky and quite fun look at, you can also buy some of these usb designs and use them yourself. We hope you find these USB Designs inspiring!


Cherry wood USB

Paper USB Tape

Avengers Flash Drives

Memory Retention Device

Homestuck USB Collection



16GB Mechanical Flash Key

Mario Mushroom USB


Buffalo USB


Toy Story Alien

USB Chain

USB Touch

Brando Delicious USB Drives

Marvin The Pirate USB Drive

NERD Bookmark USB Key Design

Sushi USB


Lanyard USB

Lego USB

USB Bear

USB Ring

Proxy USB

USB-flash drive "Corkscrew"

Fruit USB