Sometimes we don’t have time to go out and buy materials to make a creative diy gift. If you’re short on time and need to make a diy gift that looks great, why not make one of these easy diy gifts you can make at home?

You’ll be surprised with just a couple of things you can find in any home, you can make a gift that your friend or family will love! From personalize mugs with a permanent marker, dipping a pencil eraser into paint to make festive confetti wine glasses, if you’ve got empty Campbell’s soup cans why not turn them into vintage-inspired desk organizers or why not make a ridiculously cute tea set with tissue paper, permanent marker and Mod Podge!

Easy DIY Gifts You Can Make At Home

1. Personalize mugs with a permanent marker and be hailed the DIY queen in all the land.

You can also use a paint pen (if you’re crafty enough to have one of those lying around). Write out whatever you please and bake mugs at 375°F for 40 minutes. Get the full tutorial here.

2. You can also use permanent markers to make a patterned dish set in minutes.

It’s seriously that easy. Use markers or food-safe permanent paint pens like these to draw a design on a porcelain dish. Then, pop them in the oven. Get more info here.

3. Print out pictures for memorable photo wine glasses.

All you need to do here is print out photos on regular printer paper, trace them out to fit the glass bottom, and then stick them on with Mod Podge. Get the full tutorial here.

4. Or dip a pencil eraser into paint to make festive confetti ones.

Dylan Murphy / Via

This DIY takes literally no skill, which is the best ever. Get the tutorial here.

5. Use thread to embroider arty portraits.

Got any leftover thread in your sewing kit? Put it to good use with this cool technique. Pick an area to highlight in the photo (like someone’s glasses or their lips) and embrioder within the lines. Get the tutorial here.

6. Use pasta and nail polish for super cute chevron jewelry.

Kids (and adults) will love this upgrade to pasta jewelry. Use nail polish instead of paint for a high-gloss, more polished finished. Get the full tutorial here.

7. Or use an old shirt to make a no-sew woven necklace.

Peter Staubs / Via

You need: scissors and an old tee. Follow the simple weaving technique and watch how a calm starts to settle over your entire body (soooooooooo relaxing). Get the tutorial here.

8. Turn empty soup cans into vintage-inspired desk organizers.

After you eat a bowl of chicken noodle, wash out the can and print some baller vintage labels for free here. Cut out the label design and glue it to the can for inspired organization. Get more info here.

9. Dip your framed photos in paint for a serious upgrade in seconds.

Wrap some painter’s tape around the top part of the frame, leaving about a quarter of the frame exposed. If you have an old can of house paint, you can dip the frame directly into that and then use a brush to smooth away excess—or just dip the brush in some paint and color in your desired area. Everyone will be jealous. Get more infohere.

10. And use confetti nail polish to basically upgrade anything.

The world just never has enough sparkle in it, amirite? So use some of that super glittery nail polish to punch up a pair of sunglasses or a blah black wallet. You’ll thank us later. Get the tutorial here.

11. Make a ridiculously cute tea set with tissue paper, permanent marker, and Mod Podge.

That’s literally all you need! Make a cute pattern or use a stencil (or your penmanship ~skills~) to write out a saying or spell someone’s name. Get more info here.

12. You can upgrade a plain planter with some thin black tape.

Cut thin black tape into strips and apply to a planter for a wannabe expensive look. Get more info here.

13. Or you can just use a little paint.

Use a paintbrush and some white paint to make a cool, super simple pattern. Get more info and pattern inspo here.

14. You can also make a quick, cute planter from scratch with a soda bottle and some spray paint.

Use markers to draw on a cat face and you’re all set. Get the tutorial here.

15. Cut a cardboard box into strips to make awesome bookmarks.

Or you can use card stock. Make a hole in the top of the strip with a hole punch and then use yarn or string to make a tassel. Make dots and lines with a gold paint pen for something extra special. Get the tutorial here.

16. Or hot glue a cute button onto a paperclip for the perfect spot-saver.

This DIY is as simple as it is cute. Glue a button (vintage ones look AWESOME) onto a paperclip and clip onto pages. Your bookworm will never lose their place again. Learn more about it here.

17. Use rope to make 5-minute coasters.

Get some rope out of the garage and have your glue gun handy. Add a Tic Tac-sized dots of glue along the rope and coil it as you go. Get the tutorial here.

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