Everyone needs a calendar for the new year! If you’re still searching for that special new years calendar these are some of the most coolest Calendars for 2016! These calendars are some of the best designed calendars that will suit your home or office.

From stylish and eye-catching 2016 calendars that remind you how outdoorsy you’re gonna be next year, an awesome calendar filled with sweets, a gorgeous pastel color filled photography 2016 calendar or even indulge your typography obsession with a creative type calendar.

Most Coolest 2016 Calendars

1. To remind you how outdoorsy you’re gonna be next year:

Find these lovely illustrations of America’s national parks here.

2. To motivate you to read all those literary classics on your bucket list:

The only calendar for true bibliophiles. Get it here.

3. To keep the kiddos entertained all year long:

Get this ~awesome~ activity calendar here.

4. To celebrate a super sweet ‘16:

Pay homage to the cookie with this delicious calendar, found here.

5. To up your cocktail game:

Enjoy a year of festive drinks with a calendar like this one.

6. To embrace minimalism without sacrificing color:

For a color-coordinated year, get this rainbow calendar here.

7. To be inspired to just buy the damn plane ticket:

You can blame this gorgeous travel-inspired photography calendar for your impending wanderlust. Get it here.

8. To finally try and go vegetarian:

This calendar will let you know what produce is in season. Find it here.

9. To ditch your car and grab a fixie:

recreational riders to world-traveling criterium racers

This stunning displays covers everyone from recreational riders to renowned racers. Get it here.

10. To embrace your inner fashionista:

This illustrated history of dresses is perfect. Get it here.

11. To hone your artistic skills:

Coloring book AND calendar?! Sold. Get it here.

12. To begin your transition to full-blown mermaid:

Start with this lovely collection of babes in bathing caps. Get it here.

13. To gain more balance in your life:

‘Cause who does it better than a flamingo? Find this calendar here.

14. To start living by the stars:

For budding astrologers and seasoned tarot readers alike. Get it here.

15. To keep growing:

This calendar features all kings of growth, from vegetation to self-love. Check it outhere.

16. To start living your best pastel life:

Simplify your life with the only color scheme you need. Find it here.

17. To make important dates really ~stick~:

Set up your own masking tape calendar and stick it wherever you need it. Get the year-round set here.

18. And to remember dates that ~spark~ your interest:

This tiny matchbook calendar is as portable as it gets. Get one here.

19. To indulge your typography obsession:

This little guy features a new typeface and its brief history every day. Find it here.

20. To totally nerd out:

This dodecahedron calendar is a good start. Find it here.

21. To be the pug you want to see in the world.

Wish you a very pugly new year. Find this gem here.

via buzzfeed