Social media plays a huge role in our lives and many of us are addict to them! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are the main players and let’s face it life wouldn’t be the same without them!

Social Media gifts can sometimes be crappy, but today we’ll be featuring social media gifts that are insanily cool! Get your social media fix with these awesome gifts like a super fancy Hashtag Necklace, keep notes using this fun Status Update Sticky Note pad or carry your camera around in a stylish knitted Instagram Purse!

2. Hashtag Necklace

For the person who keeps their hashtags close to their heart. ($22)

3. “Like” T-Shirt

For the one who really “likes” social media. ($28.15)

4. Hashtag Cookie Cutters

For when someone needs a sweet treat to “share.” ($10)

5. @ Cufflinks

For the person who wears their handle on their sleeve. ($195)

6. Instagram T-Shirt

For the one who believes an Insta a day keeps the doctor away. ($24.95)

7. Status Update Sticky Note

For the chronic Facebooker. ($5.24)

8. Instagram Mug

For the one you really, really “like.” ($10)

9. @ T-Shirt

For the one who’s Twitter famous. ($24)

10. Social Media Rolling Pin

For rolling out their big ideas. ($24.50)

11. Pinterest T-Shirt

For the one who knows everything about pinning. ($25.95)

12. “Like” and “Dislike” Stamps

For a real-life “dislike” button. ($9.95)

13. Social Media Icon T-Shirt

For the one who has a presence everywhere — even if it lasts only 10 seconds. ($20.49)

14. Twitterature

For Hamlet and Harry Potter in 140 characters or fewer. ($10.15)

15. The Golden Rule T-Shirt

For the rule follower. ($24)

16. Hashtag Candy Dish

For simultaneous eating and tweeting. ($9.99)

17. Instagram Purse

For carrying their camera everywhere they go. ($33+)

via buzzfeed