In the past, was very popular with the rich. Lace represents the genteel ideals of grace, sensuality and delicate charm. These days lace tattoos are very popular with women and portray an elegant and charming style. Lace can be designed to look like flowers, animals and birds. Tribal symbols are also be depicted by lace.

Today we’ll be looking at some exceptional lace tattoos by French artist, Dodie. Dodie currently works at the tattoo studio, L’HEURE BLEUE and approaches the lace design in a very feminine way. By combining symbolic and meaningful designs like feathers, jewels and lace with animals, skulls and flowers – sensational Lace Tattoos are the result.

These lace tattoos are generally abstract and showcase amazing line work from the French tattoo artist, Dodie.

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lace-tattoos-designs-by-French-Artist-Dodie-1 lace-tattoos-designs-by-French-Artist-Dodie-2