Beanies are great to wear during winter, not only do they keep your head nice and warm, they also look great! Today we’ll be looking at some crazy beanie designs that will make you look awesome!

Beanies are worn worldwide in various forms. They have become the common headgear for stereotypical dockworkers and sailors in movies and television. These unusual beanies include a hypnotic cat beanie that will be sure to hypnotise your friends, a beanie filled with pink donuts (perfect for Homer Simpson!) or even a beanie with spikey ears!

Unusual and Weird Beanies

1. This slouchy masterpiece ($13).

Slay. As always. Buy it here.

2. This Odd Future classic ($30).

“Could this be girth? Could this be right? Does this mean you and I’ll fit on your head tight?” —Your future beanie.

3. This hypnotic wonder cat ($27).

Cats know all the things we don’t. Now you can have cat intuition. Available here.

4. This one that speaks truest to your heart’s desires ($12.50).

It might even hold slices of pizza in the folds. Buy it here.

5. Or this ~pricier~ one if you want to pay for extra melt ($50).

This is equivalent to the feeling of having to pay anything more than $1 for pizza in NYC. Available here.

6. This phases of the moon cap ($25).

Witchy. Get it here.

7. The cutest BMO you’ll ever come closest to ($30).

BMO’s here for optimal head warmth. Available here.

8. This respectable cover-up ($3).

Get it here.

9. This one with spiky ears ($17).

Never mess with spiked ears. Get it here.

10. These unicorn beanies ($30).

Friends who unicorn together stay friends forever. Get them here.

11. This galaxy jersey beanie ($20).

All the sTArSsSs can soon be yours. Available here.

12. This ombre beauty ($39).

Keep winter trendy. Buy it here.

13. This Nermal with a special message for anyone who asks ($26).

Cute sass FTW. Available here.

14. This frightful The Nightmare Before Christmassmirk ($18).

Jack! So unhappily happy! Available here.

15. This delicious stack ($27).

Speaking of crying over food, would you take a look at this?! SLOBBER.

16. This mustard beanie ($9).

The only condiment worth crying for. Available here.

17. This two-toned snowflake ($10)

You’re the snowflake that everyone wishes they could be. Buy it here.

18. This orange fire bomb ($26).

Be the flame that you are inside. Available CookieCreated=true&productIdentifierproduct=product&geoip=search&x=25&searchTermOperator=LIKE&sort_field=Relevance&y=11&storeId=13052&qubitRefinements=siteId%3DTopShopUS”>here.

19. This frosting topper ($27).

You’re the most wonderful treat around. Buy it here.

via buzzfeed