Does your child love sharks? With their super shark teeth, deadly black eyes and a taste for blood – sharks are known as one of the most deadliest sea creatures. If your looking for a gift to give to your kid, these shark gift ideas are perfect! Featuring some fun and clever shark gifts like shark decor wallpaper, shark posters, shark pillows, shark wall art and even a shark sleeping bag.

Do you know these shark facts?

  • Sharks do not have a single bone in their bodies. Instead they have a skeleton made up of cartilage; the same type of tough, flexible tissue that makes up human ears and noses.
  • Some sharks remain on the move for their entire lives. This forces water over their gills, delivering oxygen to the blood stream. If the shark stops moving then it will suffocate and die.
  • Sharks have outstanding hearing. They can hear a fish thrashing in the water from as far as 500 metres away!
  • If a shark was put into a large swimming pool, it would be able to smell a single drop of blood in the water.
  • Although most species of shark are less than one metre long, there are some species such as the whale shark, which can be 14 metres long.
  • A pup (baby shark) is born ready to take care of itself. The mother shark leaves the pup to fend for itself and the pup usually makes a fast get away before the mother tries to eat it!
  • Not all species of shark give birth to live pups. Some species lay the egg case on the ocean floor and the pup hatches later on its own.
  • Great whites are the deadliest shark in the ocean. These powerful predators can race through the water at 30 km per hour.

Shark Gift Ideas for Kids

1. This shark hamper will help you eat right through laundry.

Track one down HERE.

2. Let sharks teach the importance of good dental hygiene.

Sink your teeth into one HERE.

3. ‘Tis the season to get that shark-lover a shark tail stocking.

Hook one HERE.

4. This lamp will illuminate dark waters.

Available HERE.

5. They can wear their shark pride.

Find it on Etsy.

6. You can even start them young.

Find this onesie HERE.

7. …Sleep under the safety of a watchful shiver.

Find it HERE.

8. Younger shark fans may appreciate this less-ominous friend.

Get it HERE.

9. Keep their feet dangerously warm.

Get your own on Etsy, or find a more widely produced pair HERE.

10. This towel will thrill tiny bath-goers.

DIY your own — tutorial HERE!

11. Incorporate a mantra.

Via Saturday Morning Pancakes on Etsy.

12. Make your own pop-up-shark art.

Find out how HERE.

13. Get eaten alive (or kept cozy.)

Makes a killer holiday gift. Get yours HERE.

14. Make these dueling cootie catchers.

Easy Peasy and Fun has the tutorial.

15. Snuggle up with a cold blooded buddy.

Find one HERE.

16. Make sure your favorite pet has a sharky place to call their own.

Get one HERE.

17. Bite back with these tooth-y cookie cutters.

Find them on Etsy.

18. Create your own toothy wall art using paper plates.

Find out how at Makezine.

19. No shark-lover’s lair is complete without this porthole.

Find it HERE.

20. This mobile is too cool for school.

Find it HERE.

21. Make a splash with this bathroom decor.

Ebay is full of giant shark heads for the taking.

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