These days many people have tattoos, but they can still be difficult to get if you’re family doesn’t appreciate them. If you’re looking to get a tattoo but don’t want your parents to find out, you should consider getting a tiny tattoo! Not only are they small and easy to hide – they can be any type of design you want.

These tiny tattoos on Instagram showcase the very best ways you can have a tattoo. Featuring some awesome tiny tattoos themed around nature, hobbies like cycling, animal inspired tiny tattoos and various symbolic tattoos!

2. For cyclists.

3. For adventurers.

4. For elephant lovers.

5. For the persevering.

6. For aspiring photographers.

7. For ocean lovers.

8. For space enthusiasts.

9. For the determined.

10. For lotus lovers.

11. For anchors.

12. For musicians.

13. For shoe lovers.

14. For dino fans.

15. For sail setters.

16. For cat lovers.

17. For fruit fans.

18. For Potterheads.

19. For beach bums.

via buzzfeed