If your kitchen could use some stylistic upgrades but you don’t want to break the bank these easy and cheap kitchen DIY’s are here to save the day.

1. Fun Photo Mugs

Any good mug is a treasure to have, and it’s even better when you find one with a picture or design that really speaks to you. But instead of searching through pricy mugs for a few that reflect your style, you can make your own mug with any pictures.

2. Menu Board

This is one of those cute touches that grabs attention right away, and nobody could tell by looking at it that it cost little to nothing to make. Having a menu board can be super helpful and handy anyway, so it’s a great opportunity to make it your own.

Grab some wood for a frame, or use a relatively large one that you’ve already got at home. Paint the board with chalk paint, and use wooden coasters or another similar object to mark the days of the week. Then write in your weekly menu, and you’ve got the most unique and handy menu around.

3. Repurpose a Rake

Using the bottom end of an old rake to create an interesting and rustic utensil holder is easier than you might think. Just clean the tool, fasten it to a piece of wood board of any color, and screw in the hooks.

4. Pallet Mug Holder

If you’re anything like the rest of us and have collected more mugs than your poor cabinets can handle, this project should be insanely useful. The finished product is not only handy but nice to look at as well. All this takes is a few wood boards and some small hooks.

5. Enhance Your Dinner Table with Wallpaper

If you’re bored with your old dining table or desk but aren’t in the market for a whole new one, this easy project has you covered. All it takes is that old table and any wallpaper pattern you like. Cover the tabletop and make sure it’s smooth, and paint the legs a color or leave them as they are.

6. Golden Mason Jars

If you’re just not sure what to put in that one corner of your kitchen counter or you’re looking for a nice way to store anything like silverware to straws, this DIY is a goldmine.

All it takes is a few plain mason jars and some gold spray paint. Get those jars colored and let them dry, and then you’re got the perfect way to display countless kitchen items.

7. Fun Kitchen Stools

That bar in your kitchen is a great place to entertain friends, but with plain bar stools, it can seem anything but entertaining. One great way to bring those kitchen stools to life is to paint the tops. This can be done with any wood paint and you can use any pattern or design fathomable.

All you need are your stools and some paint that won’t peel off the wood. Get creative and watch as the compliments roll in on your next visit from friends.

8. DIY Pantry Labels

Yes, you probably know what is inside the mason jars and other glass containers in your kitchen, but giving them a small chalk label including their name and definition is a simple and stylish way to add a little extra detail to your kitchen displays.

9. Wall Knife Rack

The typical knife holders found in everyone’s kitchens have been done to death. Store your knives in a more interesting way by adding round magnets to a piece of wood board and sticking your knives to those magnets.

The utensils are safely away from children and pets, but more easily accessible to you, and adding an interesting touch to the room.

10. Twine Cabinet Handles

Most kitchen cabinet handles are one of a few designs, which can get boring. All you need for this quick kitchen makeover is twine to be wrapped around the cabinet handles for a rustic and interesting look.

11. Rope Coasters or Platters

Anyone can go to the store and get regular coasters or serving platters, but these DIY projects are a great way to have handy coasters that nobody has ever seen before.

12. Paint Your Mugs

Much like custom photo mugs, these are a great way to fill your kitchen with personality. Ceramic paint is cheap and you get to create mugs that you’ll be proud to show off.

13. Dye Wooden Spoons

This hack is a super-easy way to add color to all of the wooden spoons in your kitchen. Just sand down the handles and dip them into any color of dye, and you’ve got interesting and fun spoons for almost nothing.

14. Kraft Paper Grocery List

A great way to keep your grocery list from being a kitchen eyesore is by hanging a roll of kraft paper from two hooks with twine, and writing the list there. This is quick, easy, and costs little to nothing to create.

15. Spice Up Wooden Bowls

If you’re sick of using the same old wooden bowls, this kitchen project is for you. Adding gold leaf to wooden bowl used for storage or display is a great way to add a pop of shine.

16. Deodorize The Garbage Disposal

If your garbage disposal can be smelled before it’s seen, this simple trick is here to save the day. Just freeze vinegar and a few slices of citrus in an ice tray and pop them in the disposal to make it funk-free.

17. Fun Magnets

Painting or decorating old and plain magnets is a fun little project if you’re sick of that bland fridge door. All this takes is some paint and a little creativity.

18. Cake Pan Planters

Small indoor plants are a cute and fun way to add to your kitchen decor, but don’t waste money on pricy planters. Instead, you can create your own using bundt cake pans! Just paint the pan, add your plant, and its’ ready to be displayed.

19. Abstract Plates

Skip the boring plates and paper ones, because these interesting kitchen additions are too cute to pass up. Just create any colorful pattern with paint on a plain plate!

20. Natural Napkins

Use natures colors to dye white dish towels. Just choose your leaves or flowers and tuck them into the towel before tapping with a hammer to transfer the color.