The modern home is not complete without a befitting kitchen. Quite a huge investment nowadays goes into enhancing the kitchen and homeowners go to great lengths to get the desires of their heart.

Indeed, the kitchen is a central point in any home and its role cannot be underestimated. This one hand it can be trendy and superbly designed, but it also has to be comfortable and practical. Among the common aspects that are defining modern kitchens today is the incorporation of technology. In some cases, however, some elements of modernity are being integrated with vintage styles to make an amazing mix and match. In the discussion that follows, we delve deeper into modern trends in kitchen design.

Smart Kitchens That Are Tech-Savvy

Technology has undeniably continued to shape every aspect of our life. The kitchen is not spared and a lot of admirable tech goodies are finding their way into this important room. From vacuum drawers to steam ovens, automatic washing dishes, automatic taps, and even refrigerators that can keep food fresh for longer, the kitchen is adequately taken care of.

Monochromatic vs Black Kitchen

Monochromatic kitchens are finding their way into modern properties. They come out as sleek and elegant while nicely complementing the modern apartment and can also be incorporated into a traditional kitchen as a way to uplift and upgrade.

Kitchen paint choices such as charcoal, white, black as well as midnight are almost unbeaten and have consistently stood the test of time. They continue to rock the modern kitchen and this is bound to continue for a while going down the decade.

Custom-Made Kitchen Furniture

Whether you are fitting the living room, the lounge, or any other space within your home with furniture, custom-made items will always stand out, especially where proper craftsmanship is applied. Customized furniture for the kitchen can help brighten up the kitchen and everything in a good amazing way.

With customized kitchen furniture, you are able to do a lot more and utilize the resources around you better. For instance, you are able to use every inch of space better and you can also build high-end products to suit your needs. This is also a cost-effective approach that can be done with your pace.

Customizing kitchen furniture is now a trendy affair that allows homeowners to showcase creativity, great craftsmanship, and allow functionality. You cannot go wrong with customized kitchen furniture.

Concealed/Hidden Storage

We are living at a time when less is more and you can quickly be deceived by what you see. Unlike previous styles where protruding kitchen storage spaces were the norm, things have taken a turn now and concealed storage is getting trendy.

You will not be surprised to get into the kitchen and all you see is the sink and worktop while there is so much more fixed unto the walls. Such clever designs allow users to make better use of their space and create functional utilities. Here are some ideas:

  • Cabinet door storage rack:

The back of cabinet doors can be useful storage spaces to hold little food items, spices and even measuring cups as well as spoons. Just make sure you don’t make them too heavy. They will come in handy in helping to keep your worktop clean and free from clutter.

  • In-drawer kitchen block

Knives need to always be kept safe, yet they can quite often lay around the kitchen without being properly stored. To avoid the careless handling of knives, an in-drawer knife block is a great idea to keep safe and hidden.

  • Pull-out Pan rack:

How do you hang your pans around the kitchen? Why not try a pull-out pan rack to help you pots stay organized. This trendy and adjustable rack pulls outfitted rails and is available in all sizes and shapes for different cookware. It’s a functional way of sorting out a set of your pans

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Think of just how much power is used in your kitchen and what you can do to make this all-important space eco-friendly. Energy efficiency in your kitchen starts by maximizing your appliances. In modern times, there are lots of options for appliances that are energy efficient. From ovens to cookers and refrigerators to dishwashers and small deep fryer, you can make your kitchen eco-friendly in many ways as elaborated in this review.

Some DIY methods include building your kitchen in style and design that makes maximum use of natural light. Bear in mind that the kitchen is an area that is not only frequently used in your home but where sufficient lighting must be in place.

Decorative Worktops

Your kitchen no longer has to be a boring and dull work workplace. You can spice it up with colorful and nicely decorated worktops tuned with creative designs and attractive finishes.

An exciting bit of setting your worktop decoratively is that you can use a selection of materials such as porcelain, and terrazzo. Porcelain offers lightweight options and you can be had in various thicknesses. It is good for wall cladding as well as decorative surfaces.

Terrazzo worktops have been gaining popularity and this trend will hit the pick down the line. A combination of terrazzo colors will bring out just any kind of finish you want. For instance, brown terrazzo may denote a luxurious feel to your kitchen.

Designer Sinks and Epic Taps

There has been a surge in designer kitchens that fit into kitchen spaces as if they are custom-made. This is further accentuated with fetish taps that are easy to run, long-lasting, and ideal for use in a variety of ways. It might seem then that these trends have just begun to take shape and we will witness so much of this going into the future.


Designer kitchens are now a leading consideration for property owners. Besides lighting up your space and being providing practical solutions, they are also a way to add value to your property. There are already lots of choices for property owners and this trend will continue growing going into the future. Ultimately, there is something for every homeowner.