20. Unexpected Friends


These photos are seemingly perfect in many ways, from the angles, to the content, to the timing. It always seems like these images were all created in photoshop but they were not! These are truly some shots one has to see firsthand to believe.

19. Spread Your Wings


This girl may not have noticed but she earned her angel wings in this photo just by going about her day. Was this a posed photo or just by chance the perfect shot? Who knows.

18. True Heros


The men and women who help protect and serve across our country are truly angels in disguise. Or maybe their not so hidden after all considering this photo.

17. Rainbow Kitty


Cats are some of the most crafty and creative household pets around, this cat, however, is puzzled how it got so colorful all of a sudden. A beautiful photo nonetheless.

16. In Over Your Head


The saying “I’m in over my head” couldn’t apply more to this man in this photo. As if a blink of an eye would capture such an amazing image.

15. You Complete Me


The perfect match? Long lost friends? Maybe not but they have a way of taking photos that I’m sure both of them would agree they do quite well. Its almost like they complete each other.

The next photo will definitely give you a chuckle.

14. Eye See You


Make sure while driving to keep all eyes on the road. This driver knows whats up with the looks of this incredible photo.

The next selfie is the best of all time.

13. A Very Unusual Selfie


What are the odds you wake up looking like a bald eagle? Well probably slim to none but this guy’s photo is sure convincing. The timing must have been perfect.

The next photo proves timing is everything.

12. Almost Magic


Forget water skiing or surfing, this guy is ahead of the game when it comes to new and improved water sports. Not sure what exactly this one is called though.

Another photo that was snatched at the perfect time made this man’s hairdo perfectly match his outfit.

11. Don’t Forget Your Roots


The saying “don’t ever forget where you came from” is always a good reminder. This patriotic civilian clearly knows where their roots are.

Want to see what a human with an animal face looks like?

10. Frog Prince


This frog is not only the frog prince, but it’s trying to launch a new modeling career. Clearly, this frog is ready for his close up.

Next up, a bride kisses two at once.

9. Kissing Sharks


Kissing sharks on your wedding day? Well, I know brides are always trying to have the most creative and interesting weddings but this is certainly a new one.

The next picture shows a dual identity.

8. Split Identity


When you get so deeply invested in your reading that you not only imagine yourself with all the characters but you become the character.

Cloud shapes are the best…

7. Fly Fishing


Is it a bird? a plane? Nope, it’s just a giant fish. Apparently, they not only dwell in the deep blue sea but the deep blue sky as well.

The next guy on this list was accidentally turned into an angel.

6. Secret Angels


You never know who you may come across in life, some people in particular just have certain characteristics about them that are too good to go unnoticed. They may even be referred to as angelic.

This woman once had a human child, and now, she has a mouse baby.

5. Minnie Mouse and Mom


Visiting your favorite theme park as a kid was always such a magical experience. It was almost like you became part of the magic itself. Or in this case, one of the characters too!

4. Oh Dear!


Have you ever seen a deer mixed with a parrot? Neither have I, but this photographer seemed to capture just that with their pet bird.

What you’ll see next, explains everything about man’s best friend.

3. Man’s Best Friend?


We all have “ruff” days sometimes. Just ask this pup. Life after graduation can be hard on anyone, obedience school is really tough.

Whoever read the next sign, clearly couldn’t read.

2. Safety First!


Nothing says safety like public transportation right? Well, as long as you keep your car out of this bus’ way at least.

What would you do if you found your face on a pair of socks?

1. Spot On Socks!


A match made in heaven. It’s almost like this pair was made for each other.