You’ll Feel Sore, Guaranteed 

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This will seem like a no-brainer, but when you first start to work out you’re going to feel quite sore. This is due to the fact your body is not used to the stress you’re now putting on the muscles and joints. As you work out more, intense soreness will be less of a normal occurrence.

Energy Levels Increase

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You won’t believe how awesome exercise is for your energy levels. While it may not seem like it during your workout, afterward the boost of energy you’ll receive will make you feel like a million bucks. Watch out, because the feeling will become addicting.

May Grow Hungrier 

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One benefit of exercising is the boost it gives to your metabolism. As your digestion and body begin to function as they should, you’ll turn into a fat burning machine. This means you will also get hungrier more often. Remember, make good choices!

Deal with Stress Better

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Stress can be a real day-killer, and if you don’t exercise it can become almost unmanageable. Thankfully, when you start to work out, your stress levels will begin to decrease and you will find yourself at peace more often than not.

Fuel Your Body the Right Way

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With all the new working out you’ve been doing, you’ll want to refuel your body and the NEOH Crossbar is the best way to do it. The first bar to mix a candy bar and a protein bar together, you will feel practically sinful indulging on this chocolate-covered delight.

Made in Austria after three years of perfecting the formula, the NEOH bar gives you all the flavor of a candy bar at only 90 calories and 1 gram of sugar. It also has 8 grams of protein, which is perfect for rebuilding muscle!

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Mood May Improve 

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If you want to feel happier, work out. It’s as simple as that. Even after just one workout, you’ll begin to feel happier and enjoy a better outlook on life.

The Best Bar on the Market

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When you just start working out, you may find it difficult to choose what to snack on. Many people use protein bars to refuel after a workout because they help build muscle, but most of them taste like cardboard.

Thankfully, NEOH solves that problem. Unleashing a punch of flavor without the calories or fat, you can enjoy a NEOH bar and not feel guilty thanks to it containing only 90 calories and 1 gram of sugar. It’s also considered a low glycemic food, so you won’t have to worry about blood sugar spikes.

Skin Might Breakout

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As your body begins to take a beating from your new workout regime, you may notice your skin begin to break out. Research has found that exercise helps purge toxins from the body and sometimes they exit through the pores. Don’t panic, though because the breakouts will only be temporary. Your body will find a new balance once it gets used to your workout routine.

You Will Deal with Setbacks 

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Be prepared for setbacks. You won’t always be perfect as you start this exercise journey. You will fail at times, but what’s important is that you get back up again and keep pushing forward.

Make New Friends

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Once you get in a workout routine and begin to branch out at the gym, you’ll start to notice people who are regulars. As time goes by, you may just make a few good friends that share a common goal. You shouldn’t be intimidated by people at the gym, most have their own insecurities just like you.

Give Your Nutrition a Boost 

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Don’t skimp on nutrition when you’re working out. Protein is key to building lean muscle mass and with the NEOH bar, you’ll get 8 grams of protein harvested from five different sources (whey, soy, pea, cocoa, and collagen).

Plus, it tastes just like a candy bar! And with only 1 gram of sugar, it really is the best tasting bar on the market.

Are you ready to indulge?

Newfound Confidence

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As you begin to work out you’ll notice that with each pound shed your confidence grows. Soon you’ll be so confident people will begin to take notice. So if you struggle with self-esteem, just know that working out will change your life dramatically.

Memory Improves 

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Research studies have shown that the more you work out, the more your memory improves. This is due to the increased blood flow to the brain that occurs via cardio exercise. So if you keep forgetting where you put your phone, it may be time to hit the gym.

Water Retention 

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One thing you may notice when you first start working out is that you retain water and feel more bloated. This is a totally normal reaction. As your body endures more stress than its used to, water stores are depleted faster than normal. The bloating effect is the body’s natural response to the loss of water.

Blood Flow to the Brain Increases

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As you exercise, blood flow to the brain increases. This can help with mental clarity, preventing “brain fog” and simply improving your overall brain’s health. Research has shown that people who workout when they’re younger, tend to have better cognitive skills later in life.

Feel Free to Indulge 

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When you start to exercise it may seem unwise to indulge in sweets; however, with NEOH you can enjoy decadent chocolate goodness without the guilt. Low on the glycemic index and with only 1 gram of sugar, this bar allows you to satisfy your sweet tooth and refuel your body after a grueling gym session.

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Sleep Improves 

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Research has found that exercising will improve your sleep. This is partially due to you expending built up energy and kicking your body’s repair systems into gear. If you notice you’re sleeping heavier and waking up well-rested, you can thank the treadmill.

Muscle Fibers Breakdown 

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When you start to exercise you create tiny tears in the muscle fibers and they begin to break down and rebuild themselves. This is one of the main ways muscle grows. Pretty cool, right?

New Hormones are Released 

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As you start to exercise, your body will begin to release hormones that trigger various responses in the body. From feeling better to improved digestion, exercise is the key to optimal health.

You’ll Simply Feel Better

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One simple effect of exercise is you’ll just feel better. The body is designed to be mobile and the more you move, the better you’ll feel. Don’t stay sedentary!