Traveling is a great way to explore the world around us and find out new things! Whether you’re traveling overseas or just driving 2 hours to your destination, you should know these genius travel hacks!

Don’t get me wrong traveling to your holiday destination can be tiring! Whether you’ve got a long flight a head to the other side of the world or driving with kids and pets to your vacation home – these travel tips will help you out.

Perfect for finding the best ways to pack your bags, flying tips and driving tricks! Featuring some super clever ideas like learning how to fit everything into your suitcase, how to prep for a long flight to make it feel less hellish and how to get a vehicle check-up before embarking on your adventure!

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1. First, pick a bag that’s just right for your vacation.

And if you have a long layover or a connecting flight in a large airport, opt for a bag with wheels. Carrying your stuff for hours just isn’t fun.

2. And don’t over-pack it.

Avoid packing heavy things that you can buy at your destination. Check here for the best checked luggage. For one, the extra weight can bump a carry-on bag into checked luggage territory. Also, it’ll take up space for a few smaller things that you would get more use out of.

3. Learn how to fit everything into your suitcase.

Rolling up your clothes is crucial. It saves space and can prevent items from getting wrinkled.

4. If you’re backpacking, learn how to distribute your pack weight like a pro.

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Place heavy items like food, water, and cook sets closest to your back for strain-proof support.

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5. Choose a seat that best fits your needs.

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If you’re carrying on your luggage, opt for a seat in the back. If you get an aisle seat, mind your elbows because the food and drink cart can bump them. And if you’re on a long flight and desperate for sleep, sit in a window seat as far from the bathroom as possible to avoid slamming/flushing/chatting sounds. There is a great guide to locating low cost airfare here.

6. And prep for a long flight to make it feel less hellish.

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7. Make sure your carry-on is just right to avoid extra fees.

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Most airlines will not let you carry on luggage that exceeds a certain weight. Weigh your luggage to make sure you don’t get stuck.

8. And keep certain items out of your hand luggage to avoid a TSA field day.

It can be easy to forget which items are banned on airplanes. For example, you can carry on tweezers but not a corkscrew. Go through this checklist so you don’t end up losing your stuff to the TSA. Get more info here.

9. Try these in-flight tricks to feel refreshed when you step off the plane.

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Two words: DRINK WATER. You can still have your bloody mary (especially if you’re getting it for free on an international flight), but make sure to drink water, as well.

10. If you’re flying with a pet, follow this checklist:

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Try to fly direct whenever you can.

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11. Get a vehicle check-up before embarking on your adventure.

Check your tires, pack an emergency kit, and make sure your battery is good to go.

12. And get better gas mileage on your drive.

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Replace that filter. Remove that weight. And say goodbye to the cargo box.

13. For car camping, follow this checklist:

Sleeping bag, cooking stove, and sunscreen? Check.

14. If you’re traveling with kids, play fun road trip games.

Sanity saved!

15. And if you’re driving with a pet, remember these things:

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Keep a recent photo of your pet on your phone or camera just in case they get lost and you need to contact a local shelter.

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16. Pick a location that fits your budget.

If you’re hoping to stay for longer than a day, Sydney and Iceland might be off the list.

17. And know what you can get for your money.

1 meal in Bangkok = 1 soda in Rome?!

18. When it comes to booking your flight, a little strategy can save a lot of money.

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The magic flight-booking day: TUESDAY.

19. If you’re traveling abroad, know how tipping works at your destination.

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If someone tries to hustle you for a tip in a country where tipping is not common, don’t give in unless you want to.

20. Consider couch surfing to save money.

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Some travelers SWEAR by coach surfing as way to make new friends, save money, and tap into a network of cool travelers. To find out if couch surfing is right for you, gohere.

21. And lastly, figure out if travel insurance could actually wind up saving your a lot of money.

Travel insurance can cover trip delays, lost baggage, medical expenses, and more. Be sure to read this guide which explains the different types of travel insurance very well.

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