An online cake competition held by, The Threadcakes, wrapped up on November of this year. This year’s cake design entries have been one of the best yet, with 22 amazing cakes and treats that look more like stunning sculptures rather than eatable cakes.

In this article we’ll be showcasing 22 most amazing cakes we’ve ever seen from a cake contest in recent years. In fact if you are into any kind of cake design or icing sculpture and edible crafts and hobbies then these sticky treats will totally blow you away.

The Cake Design Contest

Cake Design Contest

Cake Design Contest : These cake designs will astound you, see all the cake contest entries below.

The cake design competition has been running since 2007, they invite professionals and amateurs to create cakes which are than placed in two categories, 2D or 3D which is based on the Threadless community.

In fact Threadless already sell graphic designer’s and various artists’ t-shirt designs and are already a popular choice for creative professionals and it seems cake designers. The only rule to the competition was that all of the cakes entries must be as editable and tasty as possible and allowed minimal non-edible supports.

22 Most Amazing Cakes Designs That We’ve Ever Seen

These Cakes are all magnificent and unique with their bespoke design! To find out more about The Threadcakes cake design competition you can visit the links below. In the meantime get your baking gear on and check out these incredible and unique cake designs.

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22 Most Amazing Cakes We’ve Ever Seen from a Cake Contest

Created by Corinna Maguire


Created by April Koteh


Created by Yenna Susanty


Created by Jacinta Perkins


Created by Kylie Mangles


Created by Jennifer Kennedy


Created by Elizabeth Marek


Created by Ana Mourinho Remigio


Created by Nanthini Retnam


Cake Designs and Entries From Other Years

Created by Elizabeth Marek


Created by Erin Wieglenda Cronbaugh


Created by Ann Bailey


Created by Molly Sullivan


Created by Samantha Friday


Created by Ashlee Perkins


Created by Mary Tomczak

Created by Jessica Allard


Created by Neli Josefsen


Created by Shakar Bakery Cakes


Created by Erin Schwartz


Created by Lucy Atkinson


Wrapping Up

We are sure that you will agree that all of these bespoke cake designs are pretty special indeed. In fact these cakes and treats are simply too good too eat. Still nothing lasts forever, not even awesome cakes such as these.

The thought and creativity that has gone into designing these cakes shows beyond any doubt that cake designing is an impressive design medium that is here to stay. Roll on next year.