Are you a forgetful person? Many of us have busy lives with work or studying and it’s no wonder we forget some important tasks. If you’re one of those people that needs to be reminded you should check out these 23 Clever Gadgets That Organize Your Busy Life!

Consisting of some truly genius and creative products like wrist bands or temporary tattoos to remind you of certain tasks, weighted cutlery for when you don’t have time to go to the gym but still need a workout or even a clock with a glowing drawing pad so you can write down your thoughts or to-do list!

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1. Keep your reminders right on your wrist with these unique Post-Its.

Perfect for remembering appointment times! Get ‘em here.

2. Or use this fluorescent note tape that you just can’t miss.

Tape to face before bed, if need be. Get em here.

3. Get a (temporary) tattoo of your to-do list.

The To-Do Tattoo is here to help.

4. If you’re constantly pouring yourself a cuppa and promptly forgetting it, this is for you.

The Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer uses your laptop’s head to keep that coffee piping hot.

5. Wake up to a glowing memo.

First memo: “GET UP. GET SHIT DONE.”

6. Use this cutlery when you “forget” to go to the gym.

Each bite is a rep. Get it here.

7. This one card is 18 handy tools (you would probably lose) in one!

Just keep this little guy around and magically become handy(wo)man extraordinaire.

8. Keep this guy around for when you inevitably forget to charge your stuff.

This gadget can charge an iPhone up to five times.

9. Clean your toothbrush without remembering to clean your toothbrush.

Let the Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer Stand do all the work for you.

10. Never forget a precious ~shower thought~ again.

Record all your musings and epiphanies on waterproof notepad.

11. When you forget to chill and ~aerate~ your wine, this gadget will do it instantly.

Live in shame no more, the Icecap Wine Chiller will convince everyone you’re classy AF.

12. Actually hang on to your sunglasses.

The Snapsee Sunglasses hang around everywhere, so you can’t miss ‘em.

13. For when you not only forget laundry day, but forget to buy detergent, too.

The Crystal Wash Balls are an awesome, natural alternative that last up to 1,000 loads and are better for the environment!

14. When you’re convinced Fluffy has run away, check his tracker collar.

The Loc8tor will tell you just where the little scamp is hiding.

15. Stop losing track of all those little things with this grip pad.

Grippy Pad will hang on to all your valuables for you.

16. Avoid the dreaded coffee foam mustache with this stylish mug.

Because you WILL forget to check the mirror. Get it here.

17. Go the extra mile and just turn your phone into a mirror.

All potential embarrassment, averted. Get it here.

18. Stop accidentally starving your plants and get this planter that waters itself.

Jason Reekie / Via

Fear not, the Urban Garden will save you from being a murderer!

19. Always know where you put your keys with this magnetic light switch plate.

Never let your apartment swallow up your keys again.

20. Picnic time! This bag makes the blanket one less thing to remember.

It expands into a cushy blanket all its own! Get it here.

21. Stop losing and tangling your earbuds and get these light-up ones instead.

The Zipper Earphones glow in the dark of your cavernous bag and are tangle-proof!

22. Never forget another birthday or anniversary again.

This adorable pin board will ensure you keep friends and family.

23. This backpack remembers to pack a hood for you.

Don’t sweat forgetting a jacket when you’ve got a backpack with a detachable hood.

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