Plants are a great way to bring some greenery into your home, they help bring life and beauty into an otherwise dull living space. If you don’t have a garden you should consider showing off some plants in your home. Plants are great for lifting up your mood helping you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Don’t bother with buying the same old plant pots for your plants, if you really want to spice things up and get more creative these 23 Creative DIY Hacks To Show Off Your Plants are perfect! These plants holders speak volumes of personality and are a great alternative for showing off your plants!

1. Tea Tin Herbs

Tea Tin Herbs

House & Home / Via

No outdoor space? No problem! Use up those tea tins by turning them into a fun little indoor herb garden.

2. Dip Dye Planters

Dip Dye Planters

I Spy DIY / Via

Go ombre with your greenery by dip dyeing a set of neutral planters.

3. Geometric Planters

Geometric Planters

Tan of Squirrelly Minds / Via

Use PVC pipe to make a set of modern geometric planters.

4. Tiny Polymer Clay Pots

Tiny Polymer Clay Pots

Transient Express / Via

Use polymer clay to make sweet baby-sized plant pots.

5. Vintage Lampshade Planters

Vintage Lampshade Planters

Hipaholic / Via

Turn thrifted finds into colorful hanging planters.

6. Cedar Root Planter

Cedar Root Planter

Jennifer / Via

A gorgeous way to reuse driftwood is by turning it into a planter.

7. Striped Spring Vases

Striped Spring Vases

Mark Montano / Via

Brighten up your blooms with beautiful striped vases.

8. Denim Basket

Denim Basket

Ama Ryllis / Via

Collect blooms, fruits and veggies in a sturdy woven denim basket. Bonus: you can use an old pair of jeans or a jacket to make this!

9. Hand Stitched Planters

Hand Stitched Planters

Stitches & Crafts / Via

Stitch and stencil some cute lil’ plant holders for your tables and windowsills.

10. Hanging Tin Garden

Hanging Tin Garden

Stephanie / Via

Make use of a tight backyard space by hanging your plants in colorful painted tins.

11. Mini Brass Hanging Planter

Mini Brass Hanging Planter

Apartment Therapy / Via

Miniature plants are adorable. Miniature hanging plants are even more adorable.

12. Hanging Metal Globe

Hanging Metal Globe

Design Sponge / Via

An interesting way to add a space age touch to your planting decor.

13. Trough Centerpiece

Trough Centerpiece

How to Nest for Less / Via

Show off all those pretty blooms from your garden in a cool trough centerpiece.

14. Wooden Plant Stand

Wooden Plant Stand

Remodelacholic / Via

Decorating your outdoor space can be fun, especially when you have a set of awesome wooden plant stands to show off.

15. Garden Markers

Garden Markers

Wit & Whistle / Via

Never mix up your basil and your thyme with pretty clay garden markers.

16. Modern Cement Planters

Modern Cement Planters

Apartment Therapy / Via

Cement not only stands the test of time but also a clean, minimal way to display your favorite plants.

17. Roll Up Gardener’s Apron

Roll Up Gardener's Apron

Gardenista / Via

For the serious gardener, an easy roll up apron to carry all of your tools and essentials.

18. Vertical Pallet Garden

Vertical Pallet Garden

Jenna Burger / Via

When it doubt, garden vertically!

19. Ladder Herb Garden

Ladder Herb Garden

Ginger Snap Crafts / Via

You don’t need a lot of space to have a beautiful outdoor herb garden.

20. Cedar Garden Bed

Cedar Garden Bed

The Happier Homemaker / Via

Carve out your own little garden space with an easy cedar plant bed.

21. Tin Can Fence Garden

Tin Can Fence Garden

Ciera Design / Via

All the benefits of beautiful greenery without all the messy extras.

22. Fabric Plant

Fabric Plant

Mark Montano / Via

You can’t kill a plant made out of fabric (or can you….)!

23. Paper Succulents

Paper Succulents

Lia Griffith / Via

Cute little paper succulents make for great table decor, no gardening necessary.

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