Ceramics can help elevate a home decor in so many ways to be used for ceramic planters, ceramic bowls and ceramic dishes. Artwork and decorations are also a very strong part of ceramics and that’s why it’s a great way to bring some style and elegance to brighten up your home!

There is a long history of ceramic art in almost all developed cultures, and often ceramic objects are all the artistic evidence left from vanished cultures, like that of the Nok in Africa over 2,000 years ago. Cultures especially noted for ceramics include the Chinese, Cretan, Greek, Persian, Mayan, Japanese, and Korean cultures, as well as the modern Western cultures.

Elements of ceramic art, upon which different degrees of emphasis have been placed at different times, are the shape of the object, its decoration by painting, carving and other methods, and the glazing found on most ceramics.

Check out these 23 Gorgeous Ceramic Pieces To Brighten Up Your Home!

2. Cat Makeup Tray ($70)

Cat Makeup Tray ($70)

3. Little Ramekins ($28)

Little Ramekins ($28)

6. Gin Teacup ($45)

Gin Teacup ($45)

7. Vodka Teacup ($45)

Vodka Teacup ($45)

10. Spoon and Well ($28)

Spoon and Well ($28)

12. Folded Miso Bowl ($45)

Folded Miso Bowl ($45)

13. Small Fox Tumbler ($25)

Small Fox Tumbler ($25)

There’s a tail on the back!

14. Copper Scallop Porcelain Vase ($39)

Copper Scallop Porcelain Vase ($39)

17. Small Ceramic Bowl ($20)

Small Ceramic Bowl ($20)

20. Mug Chat ($19)

Mug Chat ($19)

23. Succulent Planter ($33)

Succulent Planter ($33)

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