Bags have always been an essential item when leaving the home along with your purse. These days it’s always handy having that extra DIY tote bag that will help you carry your goods.

Not only do bags help you stop you from polluting the planet with plastic bags, they can also be custom designed in many creative ways. You can never have too many purses and bags, if you’re in search on a new bag why not get creative with these DIY purses and bags!

DIY Purses and Bags

1. Watermelon Clutch

Michelle Morris / Via

When you’re not ready to give up on summer just yet…

2. Printable Farmer’s Market Tote

Tan // Squirrelly Minds / Via

A grocery tote so cute you might want to use it for more than just produce.

3. Autumn Running Stitch Tote

Sara // Radiant Home / Via

Update your basic shoulder bag with simple, pretty stitches.

4. Mochilla Bag

Ludivineem / Via

Just the pop of color your fall outfits need.

5. Portside Travel Set

lankiephulani / Via

The holidays are coming. Get ready with a matching travel set.

6. Scissor Cozy

Ginny / Via

You know you’re a pro crafter when even your scissors have their own tote.

7. Firewood Tote

Kelley // Casa Crafty / Via

With a tote this cute, maybe you won’t mind chopping all that wood for the fire.

8. Hexy Bottom Project Bag

Teresa / Via

Stashing your projects has never looked so good!

9. Indigo Dyed Totes

Lia Griffith / Via

Create a range of beautiful, intricate patterns with just a few folds and some indigo dye.

10. Wallaby Clutch

We Are Knitters / Via

Knit up a fun, chunky clutch in bright colors.

11. London Backpack

Dandelion Drift / Via

Backpacks aren’t just for back-to-school anymore.

12. Printed Zipper Pouch

See Kate Sew / Via

Spell it out on an easy printed zipper pouch.

13. Beaded Tassel Bag

Running with a Glue Gun / Via

You can never (ever) have too many tassels.

14. Cargo Pocket Tote

Sara // Radiant Home / Via

A cargo pocket added to the front of a tote makes for the perfect quick-access spot for your phone and wallet.

15. Market “Paper” Bags

Anna Sergeeva / Via

A seriously cool way to carry your groceries and save the environment.

16. Book Clutch

See Kate Sew / Via

We wouldn’t recommend tearing up a book unless it was for a realllllly good reason…

17. Project Organizer Bags

Amy Nicole / Via

Keep your projects organized with peek-a-boo drawstring bags.

18. Bronte Backpack

We Are Knitters / Via

Chunky knits make for a fresh take on the backpack.

19. DIY Messenger Bag

Sheri Pavlovic / Via

You’re just two table runners (or scarves) away from a great new messenger bag!

20. Simple Mesh Bag

TheInspiredWren / Via

Simple mesh bags make great packing and laundry companions for your delicates.

21. Origami Bento Bag

Very Shannon / Via

Patch together leftover fabric to make a pretty new Bento Bag.

22. Rustic Lunch Tote

Amy Nicole / Via

It’s way cuter to carry your snacks to work in a than a plastic bag.

23. Laser Cut Leather Clutch

Rebecca / Via

So cool (and easy) you’ll want to make one in every color!

24. Leather Wrap Clutch

Crystal / Via

It’s much easier than you think to make a gorgeous leather wrap clutch.

25. Tote Full of Kisses

I Love Green Grass / Via

Sometimes you want to wear your heart on your tote, not on your sleeve.

via buzzfeed