We all love Halloween costumes but sometimes they can go too far! Today we’ll be taking a look at some most weirdest Halloween costumes for couples.

These outlandish Halloween costumes that people will be sure to find bizarre and rude include some creepy costume ideas like an electrical plug couple costume, a key and chain costume, a USB plug costume, a very sexist ball and chain costume (honestly who would wear something so offensive!?) or even a brutally honest penis and vagina costume.

Creepiest Couples Halloween Costumes

1. Haha, get it?

2. Do you get it???!


4. You guys seem fun.

5. Women, amirite?

7. Huh.

8. This is called “Sexy Rave Wolf” but at least death comes for all of us eventually.

9. When is that earthquake supposed to wreck the continental United States, again?

via buzzfeed