During a winter storm New Yorkers were old to stay indoors, the streets were empty within the curfew with cars being banned from the road while residents stayed at home.

Some brave Instagrammers and Tweeters decided to head outside any way to take some photos of the deserted  and snowy New York streets showcasing a haunting and eerily sight! The next morning New Yorkers awoke a blanket of snow less deep than expected, life has now gone back to normal on the streets of New York.

1. In Midtown Manhattan there was not a car on the road.

2. The roads outside Grand Central Station were covered in snow.

3. As morning broke, the Upper West Side was empty.

4. On Park Avenue there was barely a person to be seen.

5. In Central Park, the fountain at Bethesda Terrace sat under a sea of white.

6. While the park’s famous Mall was blanketed in snow.

7. There were hardly any footprints in the snow at Madison Square Park.

8. While in Greenwich Village, there was barely a soul on the streets.

9. Soho is usually bustling with early morning activity, but on Tuesday it was empty.

10. The only people about were shoveling snow from the sidewalk.

11. Soho’s cobblestone streets were blanketed under snow.

12. There were no yellow cabs on Broadway in Tribeca.

13. People in the East Village were staying warm indoors.

14. While the snow also piled up on the Lower East Side.

15. New York was deserted…well, almost.

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via BuzzFeed and BreakingNews.ie