For web developers, cheat sheets and resources can be handy to have when developing WordPress Themes and Plugins. If you’re looking for some useful WordPress Cheat Sheets and Resources, you’ll love this collection of 26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources.

At times when creating a wordpress theme or plugin,WordPress cheat sheets can be a quick resource to have when you’re short of time, these cheat sheets will help answer any code problems you have.

Lets face it finding your way around the main interface in WordPress is not always simple. Add too many plugins and you start to get blinded by all the menu links and buttons. Ever wondered as your blog gets bigger and more extensive how to make publishing great content just a little more fluid?

Make WordPress More Fluid and Productive

Well now you can with these publishing resources. While they may not suit every installation and theme you might find a few tips and tricks to speed things up and stop WordPress breaking on you.

Sometimes you might just need a top ten list of things to do each time you update or change a new theme. Or some simple, effective ways to declutter the CMS admin panel. WordPress can drive publishers nuts quite easily but it doesn’t have to be that way.

26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources

Here’s a great collection of WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources. These WordPress cheat sheets & Resources are very useful when it comes to WordPress Development and building your precious blog for success and high traffic. Remember to always backup your web site before making any major changes to the structure and software.

WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress Cheat Sheets: Theme Anatomy Model

26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources

WordPress Cheat Sheets: Template Heirarchy Map

WordPress Cheat Sheets: The Loop Visual Model

26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources

WordPress Cheat Sheet: The Loop Code Snippet

26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources

Cheat Sheet: SEO for WordPress

The WordPress Help Sheet

Huge Collection of WordPress Resources

Huge Collection of WordPress Tips

Site Architecture 1.5

WordPress Cheat Sheet by Andy Wibbels

The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

My WordPress Cheat Sheet

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

WordPress Template Designer CheatSheet

The Ultimate WordPress Cheatsheet [Infographic]

WP Theme Tags

WP Plugin API

WordPress Theme Development Check List – PDF Version

WP-Property Shortcode Cheat Sheet

WordPress Cheatsheet: What You Need To Know In One Sheet

WordPress SEO cheat sheet

WordPress 3.0 Cheet Sheet (All Short Codes)

WordPress 3 Template Hierarchy

WordPress V3.0+ Template Tag Reference Guide

WordPress Help Sheet Wallpaper

WordPress 3.0 Cheat Sheet – Part 1 & Templates Tags