Music note tattoos are a classy, imaginative and musical way to express oneself. If you’re a musician or just love music in general then a musical note tattoo will be perfect for you!

Not only to musical notes look really cool on lots of places around the body. Music note tattoos can also showcase a unique side of your personality to the world.

Body art can be very expressive and classy when properly inked using a reputable tattoo artist. What better way to express your character attributes than through musical body art and a music note tattoo?

Music plays such an important role in our culture. With so many types of music around to choose from. We all have our favourite musical genres whether it’s rock, pop, blues, jazz or even classical. Music tattoos can be very beautiful, the treble clef, bass clef or octave clef are very popular when it comes to tattoos on our body.

32 Beautiful Music Note Tattoos

If you’re a lover of tattoos, art and music, why not combine the three to create a special tattoo. Music notes can be combined with other art forms to produce a special musical note tattoo that is completely bespoke and matched to your identity entirely.

Let your arm, wrist, neck, back or ankle play a tune to remember with these amazing music note tattoo inspirational ideas. Your own precious skin can become a home to snippets of music from the worlds finest composers.

Your Favorite Musical Notes on Your Arm

In fact the music note tattoo possibilities are pretty much endless. Your music note tattoo can showcase musical snippets from Beethoven to Bon Jovi. Or from Mozart to Motörhead. Simply take a look at some of these music note tattoo ideas and head along to your favorite tattoo artist and show them the musical note design that you like the most.

Music Note Tattoo Ideas

As with all tattoo design discuss the look and feel of the artwork with your artist and ask friends for feedback on what music note design will look the best. The rest is as they say, sweet music!

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