Are you a forgetful person? In order to remember things better we usually go with writing things down on paper will help us remember our daily tasks and information. Today we’ll be looking at some of thte best memory gadgets that are around today that will help you remember even better!

These memory gadgets can be really helpful to your daily routine like the a smart brolly tells you if it’s going to rain today ~and~ syncs with an app on your phone to let you know if you’ve left it behind somewhere, put little reminders at your fingertips with Rememberings or why try a door organiser for those busy mornings!

Table of Contents

1. Remind yourself to turn your hot tools off before stepping out the door.

So you don’t have that lunchtime panic that you never turned your curling iron off.

$40, Be There In Five.

2. Never forget your umbrella at home (or in a cab) again.

This smart brolly tells you if it’s going to rain today ~and~ syncs with an app on your phone to let you know if you’ve left it behind somewhere.

$75, Kisha.

3. Make your memos more memorable by writing them on a dry erase desk elephant.

An elephant never forgets.

$31.99, Amazon.

4. Use this all-inclusive grocery checklist pad to make sure you remember all the most important foods.

Mostly cookies.

$6.99, Knock Knock.

5. Put this long memo pad by your computer keyboard for peak noticing power.

Plus, the divided boxes will help you actually prioritize your to-do list.

$10, Knock Knock.

6. Up your leftover game by marking containers with erasable food labels.

You can never be too sure how long that shrimp scampi has been in the fridge.

$7.99, Amazon.

7. Bring your meds on the go so you never forget a dose.

And never have to dry swallow again.

$16.80, Amazon.

8. Snap these sunglasses on your wrist when indoors rather than leaving them on a table.

No shades left behind.

$39.95, Slapsee.

9. Stick Tile on the stuff you forget the most — you’ll be able to track it with your smartphone.

Attach it to anything from your suitcase to your keys.

$25, Tile.

10. Put little reminders at your fingertips with Rememberings.

Because tying a string around your finger is so old school.

$17.98 for the set, Rememberings.

11. Don’t let morning brain get the better of you — stow your a.m. essentials in a door organizer.

$14.99, Animicausa.

12. For things that don’t fit in the organizer, jot them down on this list.

$9.99, Animi Causa.

13. Don’t get caught without a lighter — keep this lil one on your keychain.

$10.89, Firebox.

14. And this tiny keychain phone charger will always be there when you need it most.

You never know when the Instagram moment is right.

$31.09, Firebox.

15. Stash your eggs in this container, which syncs with your phone to let you know how many you have left.

Panic in the egg aisle!

$9, Amazon.

16. Keep these one-size-fits-all cards in the house for any occasion you may have forgotten.

Because Hallmark isn’t open 24/7.

$12.95 for a pack of 8, Cool Material.

17. Set up an emergency cash fund that lives with your keys.

Ideal for when you leave your credit card somewhere or misplace your wallet.

$24.95, Cool Material.

18. Remind yourself that you’re out of beer with a reversible fridge magnet.

Ideal for roomies and significant others.

$4, Reminder Magnet.

19. This gentle nudge will encourage all the gents to put the seat DOWN for once.

$1.99, Wall Decals USA.

20. Fake your green thumb with an app that reminds you how often to water your plants.

Plug in your location, the type of plant, and the amount of sunlight, and the work is done for you! Available for free on iOS and Android.

Free, Koubachi.

21. Tote your reminders with you on the go.

Elephants are a theme here.

$15, Little Mashers.

22. Or DIY your own chalkboard paint tote.

No late fees, no problems.

Find out how to make it here.

23. These notepad strips fold into bracelets you couldn’t ignore if you tried.

These are also great reminders for little kids.

$6, Amazon.

24. Stick this on your mirror so “I forgot” is no longer a valid reason not to floss.

Make your dentist happy.

$18, Ugly Baby.

25. Set up one central place to store your keys so they don’t end up somewhere under your bed.

This organizer is also available without the words, if that’s your sort of thing.

$19.99, Bo Winston.

26. You won’t be able to (Le)go without your keys.

Get the tutorial here.

27. Set yourself a last-minute checklist as you head out the door.

Coffee’s the most important one, TBH.

$22, Floor Mat Shop.

via buzzfeed