Cabinets are an integral part of every kitchen without which your cooking area will look incomplete. So it is important to design a kitchen cabinet that is perfect in every aspect of style, functionality, and price and bring out the best in your kitchen. So, if you have a country styled kitchen, make sure to design a storage area that complements the interior of your kitchen. Designing a contemporary kitchen cabinet for your homely kitchen will be the biggest mistake you will make while working on your home improvement project. So, do you want to know how to design a country, modern, contemporary or even rustic style kitchen cabinet? Read this blog to know about popular kitchen cabinet designs that work best for different types of kitchens.

  • Kitchen Cabinets For Traditional Kitchens

A traditional kitchen cabinet represents the rich and detailed interiors of a traditional kitchen. They are embellished with a lot of design work like fluting, corbels, crown and rope molding.  They come with doors that have raised panels. As far as the materials are concerned, wood is one of the best options as they are classy and gives a vintage appeal to the cabinet. You can choose Walnut Cabinets for your kitchen. Traditional kitchen cabinet looks great in natural colors like cherry, walnut or mahogany. The designs found in traditional kitchen cabinets reflect main features of Italian, Georgian and Victorian designs.

  • Kitchen Cabinets For Country Styled Kitchens

Country kitchens are known for their warm and cozy and natural look. So make sure to use durable and lasting materials as these kitchens are meant to be used rather than admired. Thus wood is a popular option in terms of materials.  You can use oak, cherry or pine wood though the latter one is a popular choice. This is because pine displays the various knots and wood graining for which country cabinets are known for. But it is important to remember that pine in a soft wood that is vulnerable to dents and scratches. Introducing a touch of rustic elegance, consider incorporating hickory kitchen cabinets, which blend well with the country kitchen aesthetic. Country cabinets also feature distinct panels and the option is endless. You can choose raised, glazed, painted, beadboard, distressed and even decorative panels like stained glass. They add character and style to the cabinet. As far as the color is concerned, opt for charming colors like butter yellow, cream, mint green or light blue.