Undoubtedly, people nowadays spend most of their time scrolling through social media. Whether it’s for viewing the latest fashion trends, daily gossip from their favorite media personalities, make-up tutorials, food blogs, cat videos, and the list goes on—this digital platform offers a wide array of content that suits everyone.

And this is the exact reason (among others) that makes social media platforms like Instagram a perfect digital space for businesses to leverage their online presence.

But given how saturated and overcrowded this platform is, it’s hard for a business—especially small-to-medium enterprises or SMBs to improve, let alone sustain, their online appeal. This situation pushes firms to become more creative to attract users. Some use an Instagram growth service to increase traffic.

So, here are the three Instagram marketing tips to get you started.

Size Matters

Nothing is more validating than having people like your post on social media. Whether it’s intended for business or personal, seeing that people agree with your content is just a huge confidence boost. And given how the internet works, user interactions like this loop you in its algorithm, which honestly is something that you want.

Post likes can bring your content somewhere, but it becomes problematic when your low follower base. Before hoping for a massive number of likes, increasing your follower base is what you should prioritize first.

It’s a simple equation: the more significant the follower base is, the higher the chance that your post will be liked. Besides, seeing that you have many followers spark confidence in your customers, that your brand is well-trusted, and that many patronize your products.

There’s a multitude of ways to increase your followers. You can ask friends and family to share and follow your account, for starters. They can then invite their friends as well to do the same.

On top of this, you can also opt for buying Instagram followers.

Consistency and Quality Is Important

After laying the groundwork—having a substantial follower base—you should now set your mind on how to post quality content and mind you, you need to do it regularly. You can’t have considerable intervals in-between your posts, as that gives off an impression that you’re laid-back and that your social media account is inactive.

In addition, regularly posting quality content gives your brand a very positive image. While your content and the services you offer are two different things, they work hand-in-hand in improving each other’s traffic. Your quality content speaks volumes of how topnotch your products are and vice versa.

Quality content doesn’t just refer to featuring your products and putting them in the limelight. Indeed, capturing the essence of your products and using high-resolution images are part of it, but it doesn’t end there. You can use typography posters, too,

Also, most first-time visitors browse your profile before reaching out to you. Ensuring that you are active and that your posts are of high quality is already a step closer to converting them to buyers.

Furthermore, you can increase your posting game by hosting events for your followers. You can use Instagram stories to make teasers for new product launches. Or you can use emojis instead of words to entice them into wanting to know more.

Good Customer Service Is A Done Deal

At this point, you’re all set. You have many followers, you quality-check your content, and now you’re down to the last (and probably the hardest) step: managing your Instagram account.

Social media management doesn’t just pertain to keeping every box ticked, but ultimately, it covers maintaining good relations with your customers and your prospective ones.

This broadly means that you should be proactive in answering your customer’s queries—no matter how ‘simple’ their questions are. Avoid using generic spiels and responses, as it gives off a robotic and insincere feel to your customers. And while it’s true that call-to-action buttons are already integrated with Instagram’s user interface, customers will still have questions that buttons can never dream of answering.


It is essential to understand that social media marketing relies heavily on the ‘humanness’ of businesses. Since social media aims to replicate the interpersonal relations of humans, capitalizing on this fact can significantly help improve your social media presence.

Instagram is growing, and it is essential to take advantage of this platform as its features allow you to elevate your presence. Therefore, if you need to develop a great strategy in your business, these tips will surely guide you.