When we go to bed we rarely pay attention to the Bed Covers. If you want to get serious about bed sheets and want to have some fun, this collection of 31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers will showcase how bed covers don’t have to be boring!

Scroll down and take a look and some crazy and creative bed covers! Which one would you like in your bedroom?

Did you know?

  1. In most societies people sleep during the night, but in very hot climates they may sleep during the day. During Ramadan, many Muslims sleep during the day rather than at night and people working nights try to sleep in the daytime.
  2. Around 3400 BC Egyptian pharaohs had their beds moved off the ground and slept on a raised surface. Roman Empire mattresses were stuffed with wool, feather, reeds or hay. The beds were decorated with paint, bronze, silver, jewels and gold. During the Renaissance, mattresses were stuffed with straw and feathers and then covered with silks, velvets or satin material. The arrival of the 18th century brought bed frames made from cast iron, and mattresses that were made of cotton. The 19th century saw the invention of the bed spring, also called the box spring. The 20th century brought the inner spring mattress, futon, water bed (starting in the 1960s), air mattresses, foam rubber mattresses and pillows.

Earth Bed Cover

31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers

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Sheets With Complementary Thrown in Clothes



Doodle Duvet Cover

31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers

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Sleeping Dog Duvet

Image credits: snurkbeddengoed.nl

His Side, Her Side



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Reading Bed Cover



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Ship Duvet Cover

Designed by Thomas Paul

Royal Duvet

Image credits: newyorkmagazine.com

Vintage Recording Equipment


Sleepy Rainbow

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Police Line – Do Not Cross



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Minnie & Mickey Mouse

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Galaxy Bedding Set

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Skeleton Duvet

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iPod Bed Cover


Grumpy Cat Duvet

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Sleep Well Type


Ché Men’s Magazine Duvet

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Zombie Apocalypse

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Cardboard Box Duvet & Pavement Sheet

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Her & His Side

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