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    The Importance of Interior Design

    The beauty of interior design is that it works for both large and small, being able to transform a small apartment into a warm and spacious living space. Interior design is totally interlinked with architecture; together the two create a strong bond that allows for some fantastic and creative ways of creating a home. Hiring

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    23 Most Creative Spiral Staircase Designs

    Staircases are usually rarely noticed when it comes to home renovations, but you’ll be surprised to know that stairs can really transform your home into something modern and sophisticated. Spiral stairs in particular are especially beautiful and stylish with their delightful curves and materials. Spiral stairs are also a great way to save space in

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    Incredible Japanese Invention Is A Bed, A Table And A Heater!

    There are a number of robust, let’s even say unbreakable, bonds we make in life. That with our household, highschool buddies, our first pet and, if we’re fortunate, a big different would possibly get on the checklist. However there’s hardly a bond as sturdy because the one now we have with our … mattress. Simply

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    Furniture Doubles As Bike Racks To Save Space In Small Apartments

    Parking a bicycle outdoors is a chore, however what do you do should you reside in a small condo? Purchase some furnishings that doubles as a bicycle rack! Designed by Manuel Rossel, these couches, bookcases and sideboards seem like trendy furnishings however for the slots minimize out on high. You place your bicycles wheels in

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    15 Totally Cute Planter Designs

    Indoor plants have been shown to reduce stress and purify the air, and they also leave your home looking great. With beautiful planters like the ones in this list, you can make your home even more beautiful and relaxing by keeping your plants inside pots and planters that are works of art. The fact that

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    29 Luxury Home Decorating Ideas

    Cool contemporary and luxury house designs is one of popular design at recent years. You can make it look modern, stylish, traditional, beautiful or even antique. The selection of style on the house design should be based on the architectural style of your home. It will look complicated and ugly if you have the architectural

  • Small Kitchen Ideas


    24 Amazing Small Kitchen Design Ideas

    A small kitchen design ideas for minimalist house interior will be very important for everyone who has small areas in the home. The minimalist design of a small kitchen can be a good idea for you if you want to design the kitchen interior design. However designing a small kitchen can be tricky, you need to

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    19 Brilliant DIY String Light Ideas

    When we think about String Lights we usually think of Christmas tree lights, but did you know that string lights can be used in brilliant ways every day to make lift a home and make decorating more dazzling! Decorating with string lights has never been more simple and fun with these nineteen brilliant do-it-yourself string

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    30 Brilliant Living Room Furniture Ideas

    Furniture that reflects your style and personality is important when deciding on Living Room furniture. Living rooms are usually the relaxing room in the house consisting of sofas, coffee tables, side tables, display cabinets, futon chairs and sometimes bean bags. Planning your living room furniture is key for decorating a spacious and liveable area that

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    21 Modern Kids Furniture Ideas & Designs

    Children’s bedroom can be fun to decorate and style. Usually the smallest room in the house, finding the right furniture for that kids will find comfortable. When buying kids furniture you should look for ones that provide a purpose while still maintaining sufficient space to the children’s bedroom. Kid’s furniture should be fun and offer a