Want to find unusually cheap gifts that aren’t crap? These weird and unusual gift ideas cost $10 or under and are perfect for the office kris kringle or little prank gifts that will have your friends laughing. Why not surprise someone with these weird and unusual gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

With some crazy weird gifts for $10 or under like beer soap for only $4.99, a ‘cereal killer’ spoon for only $8.95, an extra large wine glass for just $10, some super creepy intestines socks for $8.99, get creative with an artistic cookie cutter for $6 or get drunk with some miniature mason jar shot glasses for just $8!

Weird and Unusual Gifts That Cost $10 Or Less

1. Beer Soap, $4.99

Get it here.

2. Temporary Knuckle Tats, $5 for set of 2

Get them here.

3. “Meh” Flask, $7.99

Get it here.

4. Tiny Hands, $8.99

Yes good give it please.

5. Cereal Marshmallows, $7.99

Boring old cereal not included.

6. “Cereal Killer” Spoon, $8.95

For eating your cereal marshmallows, natch.

7. Breakfast Lollipops, $9.99 for a set of 4

Get ‘em here.

8. Artful Cookie Cutters, $6-plus

Get them here.

9. Intestine Socks, $8.99

Find them here.

10. XL Wine Glass, $10

You won’t have anything to whine about. Get it here.

11. Crystal Crayons, $6.19

Available here.

12. House-Shaped Tissue Box Cover, $4.99

Get it here.

13. Crochet Beard, $5

Get it custom made on Fiverr.

14. Coloring Book, $7

If you can handle the truth. Get it here.

15. Sushi Tacks, $10

Get them here.

16. Mason Jar Shot Glasses, $8

Get them here.

17. Cereal Lip Balm, $8

Get it here.

18. Handicorn, $10

Get it here.

19. Identity Socks, $10

Get them here.

20. Mischievous Notebook, $6

Get it here.

21. Lemon Or Apple Stacking Ring, $6

When life gives you et cetera.

22. Fart Cards, $8

Get it here.

23. A Selfie Sling, $9

Sticks are over. Get it here.

24. Mug, $10

Get it here.

25. Tea Infuser, $7

Get it here.

26. Itty Bitty Rubix Cube, $8

Get it here.

27. Keychain, $4.50

Get it here.

28. Spoon, $8

Get it here.

29. Bottle Opener, $7.50

Get it here.

30. Body Gel, $10

Get it here.

31. Phone Case, $10

Get it here.

via buzzfeed