We all have our cherished photos we keep of our families in our beloved photo albums or stored safely on our hard drives. Those storage ideas are always a good idea, but did you know you can do so much more with your family photos?

These genius ways to make more of your family photos are super fun and help bring the whole family. Some ideas include turning your family photos into a DIY Coloring Book for children, a pocket sized family photos book or even some precise family photo earrings!


1. Turn them into wrapping paper.

It’s easy and inexpensive. Learn how here.

2. DIY a coloring book.

Find the tutorial on how to transform your family photos here.

3. Collect your favorites in a pocket-sized book.

Order a set of three “tiny books” for $10 here.

4. “Trap” your kids (or anyone else) inside a liquid soap dispenser.

Find the easy how-to here.

5. Decorate a cake.

Mike Spohr / BuzzFeed

If your local bakery can’t put a photo on a cake, you can order your photo on an edible sheet that can be placed atop any cake for $12.95 here.

6. Make a charm bracelet.

Custom order one here for $60.

7. Put your little slugger on a baseball.

Order one here starting at $25. You can also put a photo on a football, basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, and hockey puck.

8. DIY a clock.

Learn how here.

9. Transfer a digital print onto wood.

Find the tutorial here.

10. Make an especially meaningful ornament.

Order one here for $18.

11. Custom make a figurine of you or a loved one.

Question: Is this the coolest thing on this list? Or the coolest thing ever? Order onehere from $85.

12. Beautify a box.

Put a favorite image on the outside of the box, then fill the inside with your favorite prints. Get one here for $95.

13. Order these earrings.

Get yours here from $21.50.

14. Customize a case for your cell phone that will make you smile every time.

Personally customize your case here for $39.99.

15. Put your favorite person’s mug on a mug.

Flickr: pkingdesign / Via Creative Commons

Upgrade your morning coffee here from $11.99.

16. You can put one on a commuter mug, too.

Order one here for $22.99.

17. Make a tear-off calendar.

Get a full year’s worth of prints here for $40.

18. Order a deck of cards that will always be lucky.

Get your personalized deck here for $19.99.

19. Personalize a pillow.

Get a pillow of your kid — or pet — here for $65.

20. Make some picture perfect cookies.

You can order these cookies here in the U.K., or here in the U.S.

21. You can put your photos on marshmallows, too.

Get a box of nine here for $25.

22. You can even put your photos on M&M’s.

These are great for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and more. Get your customized M&M’s here.

23. Order a Rubik’s Cube that you will love no matter how much it frustrates you.

Get one here for $19.99.

24. Wear your heart on your sleeves.

Order cufflinks like these here for $22.

25. Put a picture on a pick.

Get 20 for $26.95 here.

26. Personalize a fleece blanket.

Keep warm under your warmest shots. Order one here for $47.99.

27. Make greeting cards that are unmistakably you.

Order a set here for $25.

28. Replace the generic magnets on your ‘fridge with ones that are much, much better.

From $14.99 per set of nine. Order them here.

29. Turn a photo into a watercolor stencil portrait.

Find the tutorial here.

30. Print your favorite snapshots directly onto glass.

Fracture prints your photos directly onto glass, making them a picture frame and mount all in one. Order one here from $18.

31. Make a jigsaw puzzle.

Surprise everyone in the family by ordering a set of 25 puzzles here for $128. Just want one puzzle? Get an 8” x 10” puzzle here for $14.99.

32. Customize a one-of-a-kind skateboard.

Flickr: jacbt / Via Creative Commons

Personalize your own design here.

33. Make an 18” doll you will either cherish or be haunted by for the rest of your life.

Get one here for $68.

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