Here is a collection of Fresh Logo Designs related to Building and Construction. These logos effectively portray the type of work that builders, engineers and architects often perform. The logo designs use bold shapes, fonts and colours that relate well to the construction theme.

Our construction industry whether it be the architects that design our homes and offices. Or the builders that construct the walls and timber of our buildings are the firms behind bringing construction designs on paper to life in the world.

Construction companies need logos that are bold, strong and suggest that something is being built, engineered and empowers. Bold forceful construction logo designs that get the message across.

With building, architecture and construction companies often a basic, blunt and powerful logo does the trick. These kind of logo designs are perfect for haulage firms, power tool companies, commercial vehicle hire, building firms and so forth.

Blunt and basic, simple logo designs for the construction industry are very brandable. Their beauty and elegance is in the simplicity of the design. The logo does not have to be full of flair, many colors and high tech.

34+ Building & Construction Logo Designs for Inspiration

Construction logos should be strong, convey the message that this building design firm will get the tasks done right. Here are some construction and building trade logo design ideas that offer inspiration. 34 building and construction logo designs to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to designing logos and artwork for the construction industry.


one constructions

Total Drywall Construction

Constructora America

RWIV Construction

J.A. Gama Construções


Whatever Men

House plans

House Wall

North Construction

Top Atee Construction Company


Zenith Empire

Home Repair

Base Projects

Taurus Construction

Hilton Construction

Stallion Construction


Happy House

Renaissance Paperworks Architecture

Giant Plans

Quaint Living

The Ave


Greens Projects

BMR Building

1 Architects




Home Struct

urban HOUSE

Mountain Building

Advance home

Construction Logo Designs