Pixels are normally only seen of computer screens which spread to military uniforms – now pixels have moved on to hair styles! A hair salon in Madrid, Spain is now offering a cool new hairdo called, pixelated colors. With neon colors to you choose from you can now have colorful pixels patterns arranged in an wavy fashion dyed on your hair.

Are you a fan of Pixels or even 8-bit video games? You can love or hate these new pixelated hairdos from spain – either way they’re an interesting and fun new way of coloring your hair!

Pixelated Hairstyles

There is no doubt that a pixelated hairstyle is a crazy way to achieve a uniquely different look. Will it catch on and go mainstream, probably not. However this kind of hair cut is perfect for drawing attention. Or for a party or event where you want you hair to stand out and be noticed. Check out this collection of awesome pixelated hairstyles from Spain.



Pixelated hairstyles will probably never be fashionable as a mainstream every day style. These hair quirks are a bit like mens mullet hairstyles. Some hair styles that simply roll in and out of fashion. Certainly though these hair designs and eye catching and unique and will get designers talking.

There are plenty of pixelated hairstyle ideas here to help decide if this bespoke hair cut is really for you. A perfect look for parties, probably less suitable for the office and for everyday living.

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