Tattoos have a number of unpleasant stereotypes related to them it’s about-time we change. The folks in this article are young parents that are fantastic plus they also are actually coated in tattoos that are stunning. They’re currently living evidence that a person shouldn’t be judged by them having tattoos.

Somehow, they managed to pack a whole lot of cuteness into one picture.

This snoozing daddy.

Tiffany Reese

This sleepy mom.

Jenna Rosener

What? Tattooed parents are sleep deprived too.

This glowing dad.

Fuse / Getty Images

This newly minted mom-of-two.

Jess Youngsma

This luscious-locked father.

Nadinas / Getty Images

This baby-wearin’ mama.

Jasmine Banks

This brand new mom.

Laura Pryor

This beach-loving dad.

Wide-eyed-doe / Getty Images

This pair.

Big Cheese Photo Llc / Getty Images

 This relaxed mom.

Tiffany Reese

This love-struck daddy.

Rafe Mordente

This proud breastfeeder.

Kaitlin Snow

This nuzzling mom.

Betoon / Getty Images

This doting father.

Comstock / Getty Images

This peaceful parent.

Mandy Morrison

…And this one.

David Vienna

This selfie-taker.

A’Driane Nieves

This dad who is wrapping his baby in love.

Fuse / Getty Images

And this one who will carry her forever.

Krystal Dykema

This dad whose tattoo is interactive.

Mike Reynolds

This mom who is holding on tight.

Jessi Sanfilippo

This softie.

Astarot / Getty Images

This powerhouse.

Désirée Fawn

This gorgeous mama.

Kelly Marie Ballou

This partner in crime.

Natalia Fabia

This expectant father.

Lara Lima / Via Flickr: lara-lima

This proud mom.

This mom who has her baby’s back.

Josh Hartman / Via Flickr: jashuawayne

And this mama whose baby is growing so fast.

Stacey Ball

Philippe Aumond and Camille Boivin got tattoos of insulin pumps to make their son, Jacob, feel cooler about his real one.

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