Many of us played with LEGO as children and have grown out of playing with LEGO. But what if you loved LEGO so much that you decided to have a LEGO-Themed wedding cake? A UK couple decided to celebrate their nuptials with a editable LEGO cake that their loved ones will never forget!

Prepared by London-based and family-based Cupcakes by SJ, they decided to create this sensational LEGO-themed wedding cake. Creating each LEGO brick one by one, they hand molded each with it’s unique colour. Several LEGO workers rolled out the fondant to cover the bricks atop the third layer which held the smiling LEGO bride and groom.

They had a LEGO theme for what was to be a relaxed, low-key wedding,” Sam of the family-owned bakery told The Huffington Post. “My cousin [the bride] gave my father the idea and the LEGO men, as she wanted them as a keepsake of the day. Then we set to making it a reality for her with no idea of what would happen from there.

Their LEGO wedding cake went viral after the bakers posted their creation on their Facebook page last week. They have since then received countless requests for their amazing baked goods (eg. Rubik’s Cube Cupcakes!). Sadly they are currently not accepting orders.

While all requests are seriously considered, I had no idea one picture would create the reaction & influx that it has in the last 2 days,” Cupcakes by SJ wrote on Facebook. “I thank each & everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments, likes & shares. It is completely mind blowing & left my parents & I lost for words.


Cupcakes by SJ Facebook
via [DesignTAXI, Huffington Post]