Who says outdoor playgrounds can’t be indoors? If you have children, one thing they all love are playing in the playground, With Swings, Seesaws, Slides, Hop Scotch and Ladders – it’s all part of the fun of being a child! In this post we’ll be showcasing over thirty ways to make your home a playground.

We have some cheap and easy solutions you can bring the playground indoors! Why not try a slide on your bookcase, diy climbing wall, indoor tree house, or even a super cheap and fun DIY Hop Scotch! The possibilities are endless!

Some of these 35 Fun Ways to Make Your Home a Playground are create and require some Do-It-Yourself on your part.

Indoor hammock

Relax in an enormous hammock.

Ball Pit and Slide

Too lazy to put together a bunch of pipes? Blow up a pool.

Playground Set indoors

Get out that energy, kids!

Kids area in the lounge

Adult in the front, kid in the back.

Cheap Hotch Scotch

The cheapest, easiest way to bring a piece of the playground indoors.

Indoor Swing

Of course she's smiling — she has a swing in her house for goodness' sake!

Bars, rope, or ladder  for climbing

Tire swing

Tire swing chic.

Swing Handle

"He flies through the air with the greatest of ease..."

DIY Climbing wall


Wall Climber to a Roof Room

Indoor Climber, Hut, Ladder and Slide Set

Or a little lofted hut.

Bookshelf with slide

Books and a slide?

Fantasy room with trees

Shiny Slide

Indoor Seesaw

Last but certainly not least: Don't forget a seesaw .

Swing and watch TV

Swing and watch TV at the same time.

Curly Slide instead of Stairs

Wall Climber and Slide

Another Slide

A cute little cottage equipped with a quick escape route.

Inflatable pool used as indoor Sandpit

The high walls of the pool help to prevent sand spillage.

Indoor Slide and colorful balls

Learn colors while climbing stairs

Turn a sprint up the stairs into a lesson about the colors of the rainbow.

Indoor Fort