Amazing decor and imaginative interior designs are what set one coffee shop or cafe apart from its neighbour. Good design and stylish decor instil a rich atmosphere and a relaxing ambience that will make paying customers stay far longer to enjoy their favorite hot drink, namely coffee! Today’s many cafés in towns and cities around the world are trendy, busy and vibrant places that serve food and hot drinks to a broad variety of customers. Read on or click here to start the slideshow.

So the look and feel of the coffee shop or café is extremely important when attracting new and repeat customers. Café owners want their customers to come back for another cup of coffee after all and to spread the word. We’ll be taking a close look at some truly beautiful coffee shops and cafés. You will be amazed at the variety, creativity and imagination that goes into designing some of these stunning interiors.


In creating fun and stylish coffee shops and imaginative and atmospheric café interior designs, the design must be decorative while still maintaining a professional workflow for the bartenders and waiters. Lets face it we all love our hot drinks, whether it be blended coffee, rich hot chocolate or fine exotic teas and spices.

36 Beautiful Coffee Shops And Cafés Interior Designs

Kick back and relax with a hot brew in these elegant and refined coffee shop interiors

There are some very simple ways you can turn a coffee shop into a place where everyone goes for a hot drink. In order to make a café trendy and stylish, why not try some vintage textured wood shelves, industrial style lighting, bespoke wall art or recycled tin can vases with nice flowers as decorations?

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