Who else can catch the eye of any person, if not representatives of wildlife? And in an era when the whole world goes into digital format, three-dimensional images of animals become super popular. They are used for advertising, creating games, in virtual and augmented reality applications.

The most important advantage of such virtual but realistic animals is that they fully comply with their prototypes. And if you want to get such a 3D image for your goals, it is better to choose experienced specialists in the design and CG graphics who will be able to complete such a project in the smallest detail.

Today, of course, low-poly graphics are popular, which gives room for imagination, is inexpensive, and at the same time, forms the general image of the object. Well. It has its fans but if it is important for you to exactly match the original (and this is not uncommon if you are going to use the object as a teaching aid, virtual reality element or commercial), it is better to turn your attention to models in three-dimensional projection with HD quality.

Where Can Virtual Animal Models Be Used?

This question, of course, worries everyone who comes across a store of three-dimensional animal models. But their scope is very wide:

• 3D printing is one of the most popular options, and to get a completely realistic animal figure, you need a high-quality and detailed prototype. Moreover, 3D printing is both the ability to create animal figures for sale and the implementation of many ideas from board games to visual teaching aids.

• Use in computer projects: ready-made animal models can be used in animated videos, and in computer games, and in the same computer training programs.

• The modern study is associated with the active use of 3D modelling. Students or schoolchildren are sometimes required to use ready-made models in their visualizations of reports, scientific projects. Why try to master 3D graphics yourself, if you can use ready-made models.

• Virtual and augmented reality – one of the main areas of use of ready-made animal models. A virtual zoo, funny entertainment applications, serious training virtual tours – all this requires the involvement of ready-made graphics objects – animals, birds, insects, made in 3D graphics.

And if at least one of these cases fits your needs, it’s time to look at the Hum3D website and select the 3d models of animals you need from the extensive catalogue.

The assortment of the company has a lot of ready-made models, and in it, you will find not only standard animals from the farm, pets of all breeds or ordinary inhabitants of the zoo. The imagination of artists from Hum3d is much wider, and now the site presents unique 3D mock-ups of dinosaurs of more than 10 species, luxurious detailed models of marine life from whales and sharks to fluorescent jellyfish and seahorses, all major fish species, and the most realistic insect models and arthropods will delight even the most sophisticated entomologist.

The Hum3D company employs more than 50 specialists in the field of three-dimensional modelling, who are ready to fulfil any wishes of our customers. If you do not want to choose from ready-made models in stock, we will be happy to provide you with unique models according to your requirements. Just take a trip through the catalogue on the website to get all the opportunities we have to make your realistic animal models come true.