Once upon a time if you utilized some basic SEO on your site, you could rest easy knowing you would consistently get traffic and rank well on SERP’s. These days with Google’s algorithm changing so rapidly even the most advanced white hat SEO strategies can barely bump you up. Luckily, this article is filled with the top tips you need to implement now to see more organic traffic and rank better consistently.

Let’s jump in!

Tip #1: Tools of the Trade

There are so many easy and affordable tools out there that people don’t use. One of my favourites is Moz Local. If you haven’t heard (and I hope you have) local SEO is one of the most important aspects of getting found and staying ahead of the competition. Moz Local will help you track down all of your listings (more on this in a sec)

Whether you use this tool or find the best local SEO services in London, make sure your business has all of the following:

  1. Google My Business – a great tool to update your business information and make it look good, with your logo, product images, and more
  2. Moz Local – every listing that shows up on a SERP must be claimed. Sound daunting? Moz Local to the rescue. This tool also helps you get rid of duplicates, incomplete and inconsistent links associated with your business
  3. Ahrefs – can we have SEO tips without a keyword tool, I think not. Tried and true, Ahrefs still dominates for keyword choice specifically the long-tail keywords you need to use to optimize your site and rank.

Tip #2: Consistent NAP’s

No, it’s not time to sleep (you’re a business owner after all). NAP refers to the way your business is located via search engine. It stands for name, address, and phone number. However, most people quickly fill out these details when actually this is a place to improve and add important details.

Don’t forget your LLC, Inc., or other parts of your business name. How you write your address should be consistent across the board. So if your office has a suite number or is on an avenue make sure you have NAP consistency.

Tip #3: Reviews Matter

The best local SEO services in London will tell you that getting reviews is a key factor in ranking. As a customer, you know that when you search for two of the same products the one with the most and best reviews wins. In fact, Amazon success can be narrowed down to the power of a consumer influencing another via reviews more than any marketing tactic out there.

Another bonus of reviews is that it helps your business take up more “space” on SERP’s. To break it down reviews help you maximize these 3 crucial areas of SEO:

  • CTR – click-through rate
  • Ranking – Ranking better across all search engines
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget backlinks. Specifically getting links through partners and sponsors will help you take advantage of all your past experience to increase new traffic.

Wrap Up

Local SEO matters, a lot. Utilizing great tools like Moz Local, Ahrefs, and Google will help you dominate the local space. Don’t forget that the small details matter so keep your NAP consistent so you can be found efficiently across the board. Last but not least, reviews are a triple-threat for SEO, make sure you have as many reviews as possible and that they reflect positively on your business and brand.