A simple redecoration of your interior can increase the value of your home by 5-10%. It makes your home aesthetically pleasing, cozy, and comfortable. One of the ways to upgrade the appearance of your home’s interior is to use metallics as accents and décor. Metallics have been around for some time now creating warm and lively spaces in homes. From wallpapers to lighting, metallic inspirations can elevate your space instantly. Here are décor ideas that you can follow to bring glam and sophistication in your house.

Wallpapers and Decorative Items

A lick of paint can instantly improve the appearance of a room. Why not include a metallic wallpaper for a different effect? However, a metallic wall may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, it’s important to strike a good balance when decorating to look chic without appearing futuristic. An alternative is to put decorative items on your wall to instantly uplift its look.  Place a metallic-framed mirror or artwork in gold picture frames for a wow effect. There are several styles and materials of frames to choose from such as polished, scratched, or natural wood.

Light Fixtures

Metallic lighting is a fantastic way to make a statement. Think of gold, silver, chrome, brass, and bronze lighting systems that add warmth and glamor to your spaces. For example, Tom Dixon lights bounce and reflect on surfaces giving a glow to a space when they are switched on. Lights and bulbs may also come in different sizes and shapes to achieve an array of effects from rustic to contemporary. It is also possible to go with an industrial style choosing illumination in polished or satin finish. Don’t forget that even the classic candlestick in gold or copper can create a simple yet cozy ambiance.

Shimmering Fabrics

Shiny fabrics are amazing because they can capture the light and add a distinct dimension to a room. Think of gold or silver accents on tablecloths, table runners, or throw pillows. You can even opt for a sofa with metallic accents or upholstery. Lampshades can also be modified with metallic fabrics as a stylish expression. Curtains with iridescent patches look gorgeous as well as bedspreads, quilts, and linen that conjure images of luxury and opulence.

Furniture and Accessories

For a sensational expression, think of updating your furniture with metallics. Try a brass dining table or copper side tables. On a smaller scale, it is possible to mix and match metallics with decorative items such as vases, trays, and figurines. Remember, you don’t have to use the same metal or color when redecorating your interior. Mixing metals is the way to go as it provides your interior spaces more depth. On the other hand, you should not also pick finishes that are close together in appearance as they might look mismatched. To illustrate, if your kitchen fixture is polished nickel, do not mix it up with a brushed nickel. Instead, choose a darker finish to give a contrasting effect.
Upgrading your interior with metallic objects, accents, and accessories will give your living space an instant fresh and elegant look. Judicious use of metallics will make your home inviting without transforming it into a sci-fi dwelling.