Just because you’re living in a rented apartment or trying to decorate or renovate on a budget doesn’t mean you don’t get to live in luxury. In fact, we believe that luxury is less about the money you spend on your interior and more about the experience and comfort you create at home – even the most expensive of places can be uncomfortable and tacky, and some smart design choices can make your home look like the picture of luxury without breaking the bank.

When decorating for luxury, keep things simple and minimalistic. If you try to add too much, you risk making things in your home tacky, and you might even be taking on more in your plate than you can handle. Small touches to a space like wall art and the right kind of decor on tabletops and other surfaces are going to have a great impact, but to create a true luxurious experience, you will need to think beyond the surface.

If you want to know more about all the things that will come together to make your hike truly luxurious, keep reading.

Wall Art


If you’re living in rented apartments or planning to rent, your hands are tied in a lot of ways when it comes to decor. This is because you may or may not be allowed to make significant changes to the place, or even paint the walls a different color. If you can, start off with something you already like. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of properties on Usaj Realty and in most big cities.

Once you have the right place, you can start by decorating the area with things that can be changed or taken down easily. Case in point – wall art. Wall art is essential in transforming any kind of space, and even a single statement piece can make your home look totally different – usually in a great way.

When decorating your home for luxury, use themed wall art and art prints you can get directly from an artist’s online shops – these don’t cost a lot, and will leave your home looking great. You can then hang it up on the walls – add metallic touches to the art frames for a great effect, or go rustic and close to nature with simple wooden frames. If you can’t afford metal art frames, just paint over simple white frames with metallic paint and use those.

Smart Lighting

Remember when we said there’s more to luxury than just decor? This is where we talk about that. Whatever kind of home you’re in, the right kind of lighting can make a huge difference. Fluorescent lights are usually the most common in homes, but they’re also harsh and maybe too bright for the effect you’re going for.

If you can, invest in something dramatic that will truly take your home to the next level, like a chandelier. If that’s not possible, look into smart lighting options like the right window treatments to let in natural light during the day, soft lamps close to the walls for some great lighting, and even candles.

Color your walls a lighter color so the light bounces off them and your room doesn’t look gloomy in the evenings.

Open Shelves and Tabletops


When you’re looking to create the right kind of atmosphere, you can’t ignore all your bare tabletops and open shelves. All these surfaces are prime real estate for decor that would truly transform your space.

For most of these surfaces, you can use decoration pieces of different sizes, shapes, and colors to create a great visual experience. Instead of using large and dramatic pieces, go for a tasteful collection of smaller items like statues, small vases, books, crystals or rocks, and music or jewelry boxes. This is where you can bring out some antique looking decor and give your space an air of sophistication and grace.

If you’re having guests over, consider using a fresh floral arrangement in your home to add an extra level of freshness and color to your home.

Add and Mix Fabrics

Layers and patterns are really an interior decor trend these days, and they have the ability to transform any space for the better. If you want your home to look luxurious, pick materials like faux fur for rugs and throw them around the living room and your home.

You can even use natural fabrics and vary different kinds of patterns to make any space look put together. It’s also a great idea to use fabrics and prints to give an otherwise muted home a pop of color.

Use rugs, cushion covers, tabletop covers, window coverings, and even the material your couch is made of to your advantage. You can also add blankets on the couch to make your living room look cozier.


Decorating your home in any way can be confusing and overwhelming for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of changing everything at once and possibly getting it wrong, start with smaller changes in your home and gradually build it up once you’re sure your approach is working.

This way, you will be able to avoid spending money on a failed project, and save yourself a lot of time and stress as well.