Your Instagram landing page is the page on which users land after having clicked on your call to action. It is on this that the user will decide whether to follow and order your product. please read the Likigram reviews here to know more about it. According to the reviews it is not an appreciated service for Instagram boosting.

In this article, we will discuss how to design a good landing page to improve the return on investment of your campaigns and, therefore, what are the mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1) A page too long 

It is almost impossible to hold the attention of internet users for a long time, especially mobile users who surf during a break, a trip, or between two meetings. Also, don’t forget that before landing on your landing page, the user had a good time on a very attractive social network.

By clicking on your call-to-action, he has only one intention to see if your offer matches him. The last thing he wants to find is a long text with no subtitles, no line breaks, and no visuals! You are on Instagram, the social network dedicated to the image, don’t forget and don’t forget to buy real Instagram followers to make instant credibility.

To grab their attention directly, present your offer using icons and colors that more easily catch the eye. Make your landing page “scannable,” your proposal can readable and understood diagonally.

2) Your offer is not clear

If you oversell your product by pretending it is the best when it is nothing, Internet users will realize the deception. They will lose confidence in you.

Similarly, if your product is the best or the most effective, but you cannot present it well to highlight its qualities, it is a shame for you.

Choose the middle ground and present your offer honestly and in an original way. Highlight its strengths and feel free to use images or videos. Above all, be clear and use simple language. They should be aware of the value of your products and services.

The title and description of this landing page are very clear and concise. The potential buyer immediately understands the promise made to him.

3) Just words and no numbers

Texts can be very convincing but are never as concrete as numbers. Statistics always fly in the mind of the user. Instead of long sentences, argue with percentages, visitors will not have to think to understand the interest of your offer.

The more precise you are, the less your visitors will try to interpret your words to detect a trap. They will, therefore, be more confident. Indeed, if instead of going straight to the point, you play on words by speaking of a “generous” offer of the possibility of “making money,” they will wonder if you are not hiding something.

4) You don’t inspire confidence

All the information on your landing page has only one goal, to make people feel confident. Boost the confidence of your audience by presenting your articles in pictures, offering money-back guarantees, and highlighting well-known associations or brands with which you have partnerships.

Finally, also consider taking care of your Instagram profile. Users will be tempted to check your news feed to find out the quality of your posts, read comments, and get to know you better.