With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is our responsibility to stay at home and observe social distancing to avoid further spread of the virus. Only one thing we need to do – which is to stay at home but many people seem to be having a hard time. Well, there are many things to do to alleviate boredom at home during this lockdown period. One thing we should all be thankful about is the internet. With the help of the internet, there are many things we can do, and we will discuss those in this post.

  1. Stay updated with the news – while we are staying at home, it’s best to know what’s happening with the rest of the world. So make sure to stay updated by reading or watching news.
  2. Start a blog – are you good in writing or sharing stories and other informative articles? Why not start your own blog. This is also a good outlet and way to share your expertise. For example, you are working as financial advisor then why not start a blogging website to share tips or guidelines for people on how to successfully handle their money. If you love to travel then you can start a travel blog and share your experiences with your readers. Starting a blog is easy, you just need to buy a domain name – if you are focusing on Australia traffic then it is best to get au domain, but if not then you can go for .com or .net. Then you need to have a reliable hosting site then boom, you can start publishing your content.
  3. Connect with friends and family via social media – you sure miss hanging out with your friends and loved ones but with the help of the internet you can do this. You can connect with them through social media or set up a call conference so you can all update one another and ‘hang out’ virtually.
  4. Learn through various online courses – this is also a good time to learn something new. You can learn how to cook or bake through videos online. You can also enroll in some free classes like learning to speak and write a new language, learn new skills like photography, video editing and others.
  5. Start your own YouTube channel – do you always dreamed of becoming an actor or director? Well, you can be both on your own YouTube channel. You can produce videos and star in it at the same time. If many people will watch your videos then you can also earn extra money and maybe become the next YouTube sensation.

We are lucky that we have internet because with it, we can do many things even if we are just staying at home. Thus, it is advisable to spend quality time online using the tips that we discussed rather than sulk all day about being bored at home. Staying at home is the best contribution we can make so let’s do our part to the best that we can. Hopefully things will be back to normal sooner than later.