Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to plan ahead, considering some simple ways to add value to your home is never a misguided idea. In fact, by planning ahead and remaining attentive to your home and your own needs, you’ll be able to save time, money and effort should you eventually choose to sell your property.

Now, often there is the misconception that to boost your home’s value, you’ll have to break the bank – from new furnishings, extension work to professional assistance. However, you’ll be happy to hear that this needn’t be the case and you can make some economic improvements to your home whilst keeping hassle to a minimum!

Convert Loft Space Into a Functional Room

Whilst these storage spaces always have good intentions, more often than not they become the dumping ground of the house. Rather than productively utilizing the space, many of us fall victim to the pesky bad habit of holding onto past belongings, furniture and whatever else we can’t bear to get rid of. In short, they can be a real mess and overall wasted space.

By converting these spaces into a functional room you’ll not only rid yourself of a lot of clutter and finally break in that minimalist style you’ve been aiming for, but you’ll additionally add value to your home. Whilst this can be any type of room that you desire – from living spaces to private libraries – a great way to further increase value is to convert it into a bedroom. This will ensure that the house is suitable for a larger family or group should you choose to sell up.

Still not convinced? Well, consider the extra 20% value that this renovation could add to your home!

Installation of Composite Decking

Revamping your garden or outside spaces may not seem a high priority when considering the value of your home, but it absolutely should be. Whilst in-home renovations can pack a higher cost, laying new composite decking can be an affordable yet valuable investment – in fact, it’s been found to increase a property’s value by 5%.

By investing in a sleek new flooring for your outdoor space – whether this is your garden, balcony or poolside area – you’ll be able to create a chic new look that will last for years to come and entice any prospective buyers. All in all, it’s a no brainer!

Update Your Kitchen

Ensuring that your communal living spaces remain functional but contemporary in style is a great way to boost your home’s value. This is an important element to bear in mind as whilst viewers will likely try and approach a property viewing with an open mind and fresh perspective, it’s near impossible to ignore the present furnishings and decor.

The kitchen, of course, will often prove a main point of investigation because whereas other rooms might be quickly refurbished to suit someone’s taste, a kitchen will often require more extensive renovations. So, by updating your kitchen in the period before sale, you’re sure to see an increase in value!

Refresh the Exterior

We know, this can be a time consuming and tedious task, to say the least, but by simply adding a fresh lick of paint you can increase the value of your home substantially – because whilst appearances aren’t everything, they certainly make a difference!

A common mistake when freshening your home’s exterior is to look for cheaper paints because whilst this will likely seem an economic decision at the time, you’ll likely find yourself in the same position not long after. Instead, search for a high-quality paint that provides your home with long-term protection, such as elastomeric coatings. This will ensure that you have a sleek finish for years to come!

Your property’s value may be the last thing on your mind right now – and that’s okay! However, it’s important to have some tips and tricks handy should you begin to consider a sale.