Digital marketing has become an integral part of businesses around the world. Having a website and some unfocused ads are no longer enough to sustain in the market. Digital marketing levels the playing field for small businesses, increases brand awareness and helps your business reach target customers. A digital marketing presentation is not much different than a digital marketing plan.

The presentation should open with what your business has to offer to stakeholders. You should possess all the data and research handy while projecting growth or return on investment numbers. Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry and your presentation should be able to resonate with its speed. Having stunning digital marketing decks in-place can be a game-changer for your presentations.

SlideModel templates are a great pick for creating digital marketing presentations. You can choose a wide range of templates specifically tailored for the digital marketing domain here. Well-designed slide deck makes the audience feel more confident. Creative layout, compelling design and attractive visuals are the keys to closing more deals through your slides.

You don’t have to be an award-winning designer to create an out of the box presentation. With the right digital marketing template and creativity, the job is half done already. All you have to do now is to put facts, figures and visuals. In this article, we will talk about top digital marketing templates which ensure higher performance and engagement.

Digital Marketing Dashboard Template:

A digital marketing dashboard is a chart driven template which makes your presentation look highly professional and creative at the same time. Digital marketing agencies or professionals involved in the domain can leverage this template to impress the audience. The template features a modern design which is best suited for every type of digital marketing business meeting. You get customizable widgets distributed amidst slides. Data-driven charts such as doughnut charts and line charts can be used to depict numbers and data in a superior fashion.

You can showcase traffic usage information, organic traffic generation, online and search campaign information etc. through this template. Country-wise demarcation of data can be done, data trends and peaks can be generated. The template is highly compatible with almost every PowerPoint version, be it 2007 or 2016. You can also import this template on Office 365 and Google Slides.

Matrix Organization Structure Template:

Best suited for business professionals, Matrix Organization Structure is a comprehensive and very creative template. Matrix organizational structure increases communication strategy, improves employee motivation, helps maximize resources and ensures the professional development of employees. This template helps to achieve all these goals.

You can easily interpret and understand the hierarchical structure of an organization, flow of information, roles and responsibilities assigned. The template boosts communication at the company level and brings greater transparency to the chain of management, supervision, task allocation and duties. Each and every visual element of the template is editable and hence, enables the user to design the slides as per the guidelines or requirements.

Digital Marketing Channels Showcase Template:

For any small business, digital marketing shines as a beacon of hope. If done right, digital marketing can enable small businesses to get hold of top-ranking positions on the search engine. The Digital Marketing Channels Showcase template offers all forms of digital advertising insights to the audience.

The template makes the customer aware of different available digital marketing channels and how digital marketing can be deployed to ace all of it. The template comes pre-packed with social media channels slides, logo and cover placeholders, business info and conclusion page, promotions and ads channels too.

The template can help you and your customers draw deep insights into how the digital marketing strategy is done, what are the best practices and what’s yet to achieve.

Social Media PowerPoint Template:

When it comes to engaging a wider audience, marketers understand that simple and straightforward language is the key to success. The Social Media template features high-resolution graphics, dedicated layout and custom placeholders for creators. The template can be a game-changer for your meetings as it can help you put your best foot forward.

Through this template, you can showcase your social media presence, device engagement etc. Social media templates can be used to boost engagement significantly, attract new stakeholders and audiences. There is no denying that social media is a crowded domain, it really pays if you stand out from the crowd. The template can transform digital marketing meetings and help you woo your audience in no time.

RACE Digital Marketing Planning Framework Template:

RACE is one of the most popular digital marketing frameworks which enable marketers to effectively plan and manage their digital marketing endeavors. The framework provides a solid base for your digital marketing strategy. Reach, Act, Convert and Engage are the four pillars of this template.

It is because of the RACE framework, marketers around the world were successful in designing some of the most effective digital marketing campaigns and plans. The four steps holistically cover the absolute customer life cycle. Reach stands for getting the web known to your brand, services or products.

Whereas, Act aims at providing first-hand experience to arriving users and making them understand your unique value proposition. Convert is basically persuading the lead until it becomes a customer. In the end, engage is deployed to transform new customers into loyal fans over the period of time.

Marketing Automation Process Template:

The Marketing Automation Process template enables businesses to target potential leads. The 4 step diagram allows businesses to study and understand consumer behavior. Companies can identify and understand how to nurture prospects with useful content and personalized experiences.

It is only then you can turn an ordinary customer into a delighted one. Marketing automation is your key to generate potential leads, get an excellent return on investment and ensure higher revenue streams. The template will help you visualize and build workflow automation for your viewers for business processes such as data collection, segmentation, analytics and delivery. You can leverage this workflow to capture untouched customer segments.