If your marketing strategy is old and tired, your sales will start reflecting this before you know it.

But how do you breathe new life into a strategy when we all know that the only way forward is social media and influencer marketing?

It can feel like there’s only one way to keep up with the digital transition – but we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. There are plenty of innovative marketing tactics (both new and old) that can drive massive growth and success in your company. Here are some ideas.

Go Beyond Social Media

Yes, digital marketing is the present and the future – but have you stopped to consider that digital marketing goes beyond just Instagram stories and sponsored Facebook ads?

Consider other methods of digital marketing that might be just as useful – for example, email marketing and even podcast advertising can be great ways to rope in new customers. You can advertise on other platforms like YouTube and even create your own content (like videos or blog posts) to boost your business.


While we understand that the online sphere is where everything is happening, humans still exist in real life, and sometimes they like to be reminded of that.

Get your customers off their screens for once by hosting an event for your business. The type of event you plan will depend on the type of business you run. If you own a restaurant or café, consider hosting a cooking class. An event will give people something to talk about, both online and off. You can even invest in event management software to streamline this process and host an easy-peasy event.

Leveraging User-Generated Content

If you’re going to be using social media, use it wisely. User-generated content is your newest (and cheapest) friend.

UGC mean to anything your customers post online about your business or products. This could include reviews, social media posts, and other types of UGC, and you can use it all to your advantage. Encourage your customers to create by inventing hashtags for them to use and share all their posts on your own pages (with their consent, of course).


People love to be recognized – so use this to your advantage. Personalizing your marketing strategy is a surefire way to give things an instant little boost.

You can start working with personalized deals for loyal customers, discounts in their birthday month, loyalty cards, and even gifts for spending above a certain amount. Hey, even something as simple as a first-name-basis greeting can make a difference.

Guerrilla Marketing

You might have heard of guerrilla marketing tactics before because of how weird and ‘out-there’ they seem – and that’s exactly why they work.

These tactics include big, loud schemes like flash mobs and murals in public spaces. They’re bold, different, and high-impact, and they’re designed to get people talking because they’re so out of the norm.

If you’re a little bored with your day-to-day advertising, why not inject your strategy with something a little crazy?