Your living room is often where you will spend most of your time at home. It is where you watch movies, hang out with friends, and do crafts or other fun things to pass the time. You should always be comfortable in your living room and being able to design it to your own unique tastes is important for your comfort.

If you have been thinking that you would like to rearrange your living room to suit your needs better, or you are ready to freshen up your tired furniture or décor, there is no time like the present! Designing your own dream living room can actually be a great DIY project and you will be so pleased when you have finished making your living room your favorite place in your house!

Easy DIY Living Room Décor Ideas

DIY does not mean cheap-looking! Many people shy away from DIY solutions that could make a huge difference in the overall comfort and appeal of their living room because they are afraid that the end result will look sloppy. Thankfully this is not the case and you can make many DIY upgrades that will look amazing.


1. Add an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are the perfect solution if you want to have a cozy fireplace or hearth in your living room but you don’t want to spend the money or commit to the renovation to tear out part of the wall and install a wood-burning fireplace. The best part about electric fireplaces is that they require no installation and they are beautiful just like the real thing!

You can buy a wall-mounted electric fireplace in a variety of styles and sizes, so even smaller living rooms can have this feature added to them with ease. From large centerpiece fireplaces to fireplaces that are integrated into your TV stand, adding an electric fireplace is a great way to make your living room cozy and comfortable with a single purchase!

2. Poster Wall Art

If you have been interested in buying a picture and have felt a heart attack coming on when you saw the price of the piece in the frame, you are not alone! If you want to change up your wall art but are not a fan of shelling out an entire paycheck on a framed piece from a gallery, you can swap out your tired wall art for fun posters that you frame yourself.

Picking up posters from the craft store or ordering them online is a piece of cake and many of them show beautiful scenes or include fun colors and shapes. Frames are not that expensive by themselves either and posters come in standard sizes that make framing them super easy to do yourself. Just hang up your new wall art, and voila! You have changed out all the art in your living room without breaking the bank.

3. Rustic Bookshelves

If you have lots of Knick Knacks or books that you need to store or display, hang reclaimed wood shelves for a rustic look. These floating shelves are eco-friendly and make a statement all on their own.

The best part about bookshelves is that you can mix and match them any way that you choose to accommodate your space requirements or changes to the overall styling of your living room. You can add or remove shelves each time you are ready for a change to your overall décor, making this a flexible addition to your overall décor scheme.

4. Upcycled Painted Vases

If you love a pretty or colorful vase for your flowers, but you are tired of not finding the right colors or patterns when you look at stores, you can solve this issue by buying used glass vases and painting them. You simply pour some paint into the bottom of the vase and then use a paintbrush to spread the paint up the sides of the vase.

Let them dry upside down on a surface that you don’t mind using to catch drips. When they are dry, you will have gorgeous, colorful new vases that can be used for flowers or simply to add pops of color around your living room. Best of all, if you get tired of the colors that you have chosen, you can simply get some new vases and paint them to match your new color scheme!


5. Distress Some TV Trays

TV trays used to be a common item in homes and some families still use them for eating while watching a movie or as a place to put craft projects that get moved from seat to seat. These are usually made of wood, so it’s easy to change the finish on these useful pieces of furniture to match your décor.

If you want to distress some TV trays, just use a palm sander to remove the stain or paint that is currently on the wooden surfaces. You can remove as much or as little of the existing stain or paint as you want. Paint on sayings or images using stencils and let them dry. When you are done, you will have delightful, unique trays that you can use for TV trays or as side tables by the sofa.

DIY Living Room Décor Can Give Your Living Room a Makeover


Being able to refresh your living room does not require a huge remodel budget or the advice of a home design team. You can create an entirely new look in your living room with a few small changes and a little bit of money. No more boring walls, tired styling, or unhelpful storage!

Giving your living room a fresh new look can add to your enjoyment and your comfort in your home and make your living room your favorite room in the house in no time!