Choosing the best material for your new driveway can prove to be a challenge. Not only are there dozens of different possible options to choose from, but it will be up to you to learn about each one to figure out which will best suit your needs. In some climates, a product like exposed aggregate makes an ideal option for your drive. Even though the name might be unfamiliar, you have likely either seen, or may already have, exposed aggregate drives, walkways, and patios.

For the driveway specifically, this material offers a variety of benefits. The details you might not see on a smaller pathway or patio surface you can identify in the drive, creating a unique, dynamic finish that’s sure to get noticed and increase your home value. Let’s dig a little deeper into these and other benefits of using this material for a driveway.


Because aggregates are a mixture of different materials, including stone, pebbles, gravel, and more, you can create unique, custom patterns. Plus, when you choose to work with concrete professionals that are experienced with this material, you can even create a more specific pattern or design based on the way that the aggregate is put down and finished. It’s so versatile that everyone really can create their unique driveway with this material.


Exposed aggregate is a very durable product. Unlike a lot of materials out there, it doesn’t need maintained as often or replaced as regularly. The way that the drive is laid and the materials used allows it to stand up to the weather better and provide many years of durable use. If you want a drive that you can love for a long time without a lot of upkeep, this material is what you need.

Increased Home Value

Anytime you make home improvements, you are increasing the overall value of your home. Something like a new aggregate driveway can garner three to four times what it cost when it is done right. Not only does it add to the curb appeal, but it offers the next homeowner peace of mind that they won’t have to worry about the driveway for a long time. If you are looking to build equity or increase the value for a sale, this may be a solid upgrade to choose.

Compliments Any Design

Exposed aggregate is a unique material because it can complement almost any design. Because of its versatility, it is great for every type of home, including those with natural stonework and other materials. You can choose from a variety of shades and colours, and ensure that the finish matches your overall exterior for a cohesive finish.

Less Cracking and Swelling

Traditional concrete drives are notorious for issues that they may be having with swelling, cracking, and breaking down over time. The constant temperature changes and exposure to excess sunlight make concrete a delicate material in Australia. With something like exposed aggregate, you can have a more flexible finish that will adapt to the temperature changes much better than other materials.