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Expanding your business through paid advertising and other costly services may be beneficial for a short period of time, but in the long run, they are likely to be unfeasible. In the beginning, they might provide you profits and clients, but it won’t be too long when the cost of these services overruns your profit margins. This is why experts suggest growing your client base organically. It does take time but the result is worth the wait. There are several Top SEO Companies in Australia, which are helping businesses in achieving this goal.

There are two kinds of growth, i.e. organic and inorganic. Organic growth is achieved by boosting new clients from the existing ones. It is a way of broadening the business using the resources which already exist. It includes knowledge, skills, relationships, experience, etc.

On the other hand, inorganic growth is achieved by mergers and acquisitions. It can increase the size of your company in a very short period but the challenges it comes with are complicated and not practical in the long run.

Organic growth is the way to go, as it is a healthy way of building a company’s client base. Here are five tips and tricks to help build your client base organically.

1. Focus on Your Sales Team

Investing in your sales team is a great way of growing your customer base and increasing revenue for your business. You can do it by adding more representatives, in your store or on the streets, who will represent your brand and attract prospective clients. A mistake most sellers do is that they decide against investing in their sales team and keep them in a smaller size. They should be doing the opposite of this, and send more sellers to the market. It is always not necessary to increase the number of people on your sales team, you can rearrange your existing team and work on their sales and marketing skills by giving them proper training programs. Studies have shown that rearranging your existing sales team helps your client base more as compared to spending months on training new employees.

2. Work on Building a Brand

The most important part of a business is its customers. These are the people who provide you with capital, something that is a must for the proper functioning of your company. If you do not have the customers then your sales are going to decrease, thereby leaving your company into losses. Do you want to grow your client base? Then do not take desperate measures like setting goals to win customers on a daily basis. Instead, work on building your business and turning it into a brand. When you exhibit your company as a brand, your target audience can relate to it which attracts prospective customers and builds up your customer base.

For building a brand, it is important that you research your target clients. Learn about their preferences, likes and dislikes, their geographical locations, and things that attract and repel them. All this will help you in building a brand your customers can easily relate to.

3. Make the Most of New Relationships

The moment you develop a new relationship with a client is the most critical one. Surveys have shown that the time when the client is most interested in trying and buying different products is the time when they have just come on board with the company. So instead of overlooking this part of the customer experience, you should be using it to your advantage. How should you do this? By offering them more services and products. This does not just have its benefits in the beginning, but also in the long run. Studies show that clients, who make their second purchase within 90 days of the first purchase, are more likely to become lifetime customers.

4. Be Active on Social Networking Sites

One of the best ways to build a strong client base organically is by investing time, energy, and financial resources in social networking sites. Social networks are where the world is at these days, especially if your target audience is the young generation. This is where you can reach them in the best way possible. As compared to the traditional and established sales channel, social networking sites might seem like an underdeveloped platform, but they are free of charge. Since they are gradually increasing their user base, it can help your brand get worldwide exposure. If your company does not sell its services or products online, then social media is a great platform, to begin with. It promises expansion and does not require too much risk.

5. Make Your Expertise Visible

A study on buyer behavior shows that when it comes to professional services, one of the most common criteria of selection is team expertise. You need to show your target audience that you are an expert in your field.

Expertise is something your clients can not see, touch, or taste, so what you have to do is make it visible to them. It can be achieved by different methods like blogging, podcasting, article writing, social media conversations, and search engine optimization.

Once your company’s expertise has become visible in the eyes of potential clients, it will directly put your brand on the road to organic growth. More visibility means more clients, which definitely means more business.