Living as a student in some country other than the home country is not easy. You have limited budget, and for a guy of young age it’s always hard to live in limited budget. Well here we are going to guide you how to live a peaceful and happy life as a student in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is considered one of the happiest and peaceful cities in the world, and that’s why it attracts thousands of students from the world.

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Where to Live?

Two of world-famous universities University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University are there in the center of the city. But for a student living in the city center is not easy because rooms and flats are expensive and you being a student can’t afford them. But on the other hand, if you opt to live far away from the city center, you will have to bear the transport expenses. So the question is where to live and how to save money.

To solve this issue, you will have to get online help. Available cheaper transport options are the Trams and Lothian Buses. They offer monthly passes as a discounted price to the students. And if you will calculate the monthly transport expenses, you will find out that living at a cheaper place is the better idea rather than living in the center of the city.

Another benefit of living away from the city center is that you will find the less expensive local markets. And from these markets, you can buy cheaper stuff. You can find less expensive restaurants and café there. It will save you a big amount.

Things to Do

Your life can’t ever be boring in Edinburgh, even if you are a student. There are lots of things to do in Edinburgh. If you love exploring, then Edinburgh has various tourist attractions in the city like Edinburgh Castle, Scott Monument, and Holyrood House Palace. These are not just enough; you can find various other tourist attractions by searching on the web. Moreover, you can go to the beach whenever you want to spend time alone or have some fun with your fellows.

For adventure lovers, there’s a volcano in the heart of the city. Though it’s an inactive volcano, it’s a place worth visiting because from here you can see the city from the above. And for art lovers, there are art galleries and museums in Edinburgh.


One of the major attractions in Edinburgh that makes students fall in love with this city is the nightlife of Edinburgh. You can find here café and bars that remain the open whole night. You can afford to get in even if you don’t have big budgets in your pockets. There are cafés and restaurants for students on the roadsides where you can sit and have gossips with your friends after University.

In short, life is beautiful and peaceful in Edinburgh, even if you are a student and living here just for study. You can enjoy living here even with a limited budget. And we bet you will never the life you spent here once you live here.